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This Massive game is a type of Bad piggies,But this time,In 3d.Bad Piggies:26th Century/Bad Piggies:Red Giant is a 3.5 D game that is based on the Red giant of the Sun.The teams had returned from space,but they see that the world became yellow already.The Birds are still fighting the pigs but the Pigs make a powerful revenge on the birds:Weapons.The birds also revenge on the adventure.These teams take on a long adventure through the dry world,pose danger and launch into space.At space,a great revenge has put on destruction.In this destructive battle,who will win?

The game will be released on October 5 2014}} for Pc/Facebook, November 10 2014 for Xbox 360(Supports Kinect), January 21 2015 for Ps3,Febuary 11 2015 for IPhone, IPad and Smartphones,March.2 2015 for Wii,Sometime in 2015 for PSN and August 19,2015 for 3DS.

The Facebook version of the game is Called Bad piggies:Red giant Facebook adventures which is also updatable.

The Secondary Developer of this game(Rovio)Should have a rapid development of developing the game for all Platform versions of this game.

Bad Piggies 26th Century Logo


Every 1st version contains all the Episodes.
Bad piggies:26th century/Bad piggies:Red giant



Game type

Bad piggies,RPG(Role-playing game),Bullet Hell/Shoot em up game,Adventure game,Platforming


Xbox,Ps3,Pc,Ios ipad and Iphone,3DS,Wii,Facebook

Release date:


Episode total:

Story:80 main,2 extra

Story based on

Wall E,Aftermath:Red giant,Evacuate earth

Created by:

Rovio,Canaria-planet games/METEOR QUAZAR


PG(Parental guidance)/+9 for Explosive violence,Destructive Violence and Cartoon Violence


IOS/IPAD (Bad Piggies:Red giant)

  • More than 100 levels with 80 Epsiodes
  • Unlimited Playtime
  • A Unique Level creator,no paid block packs.
  • Have advertisments,or pay for 0.99 for no adverts.
  • Experience Science at Animations

PC/MAC (Bad Piggies;Red giant PC)

  • -More Than 100 levels with 80 Episodes
  • -Unlimited Playtime
  • -With Level Creator(With Paid Block Packs)
  • -Does not have Ads at all
  • Experience Science at Animations

Cover Gallery



Protagonists,Deuteragonists and Tritagonists


  • Freckled Pig-Main Protagonist
  • King Pig-Secondary Protagonist
  • Foreman Pig-Deuteragonist
  • Grandfather pig-Tritagonist
  • Grandmother pig-Tritagonist
  • Mechanic pig-Deutergonist
  • Fat pig(?)-Tritagonist
  • Doctor Pig-Tritagonist
  • Minion Pigs(Small/medium/Large)(Male and Female)-Tritagonist
  • Huge pigs/Crew Pigs-Tritagonist
  • Wizard pig(A.k.a:Wiz)-Secondary Deuteragonist
  • Postman pig



Empresso is a God and a human in Bad Piggies:26th century.She helps the pigs and she also being a Empress of Impresso,Her father.



She was born by her Other mother Sepresso.As she was born,She had a disease called Brain abnormality.She also had Ovarian failure.As she was cured by a Doctor in her old times,She was cured in that time.In 3 months,She started to grow up.


She started her childhood on about 4 years old.She started her school on her childhood.From Grade I to Grade VI


.As she reaches Grade VI,She goes to collage in 15 years old.

IV.Adult and Death

As she finish School,She became a god in her heaven.In the Battle if the Gods,She died and turned into Stone.As time passes,Her shrine was made in that place.


After alot of years,She became Revived again.Now she helps the Bad piggies by her Mind.


Impresso is the Father of Empresso.He serves as her father and he also helps the pigs.Impresso in the Piggy island appears as a Statue.He was a Pigganian Boy in the Piggy island.

Astronaut Giva
Captain Bandris

Birds (Unplayable)(Anatagonists)

All birds here are replaced as space birds but there is new birds here.

New features

As Bomb loses his exploding power,He smashes Endo instead and his fire is replaced as smoke.

Chuck has a known computer between his eyes-This is called the Plasma computer 1.0.(Versions can be up to 5.0)

In version 2.0,The Computer is Divided into 2 Computers.The Right and Left Computer.These computers have their own Ventricles.These Ventricles act like the Brain Ventricle.There is a Connection between the 2 computers called the Interventricular Nerves.

Red has a known mask between his eyes and he changed it into Galaxy Goggles in the Ship.His old mask allows him to see the target path when launching.

As Bubbles loses his Inflating power,He shoots sun rays instead.

New birds

  • Sand bird(Sandi)-Replaces Boomerang bird(Al).He makes Pigs to be choked.He also releases Sand/Silica.
BP26THC SandbirdSandstorm

Sandstorm attack of Al(2D)

  • Stone bird(Stony)-Deals high damage when Things are crushed.She loves to throw Heavy objects to you!
BP26THC Stonebird

Stone bird/Stony in Front pose.

  • Hydrogen bird(Hydria)-The god of Matilda,She Drowns pigs by using Hydrogen/Water.
BP26THC Hydrogenbird

Hydrogen bird in Front pose.

Character gallery


BP26THC Corporalpig

Corporal pig,Found first in Episode 7. Normal(Left) Mining(Right)

BP26THC S,M and Lpigs

Small,Medium and large pigs.

Miscellonists(Miscellanous characters)

Postman pig

He is a playable pig as he is introduced on Episode 22.He first appeared on the pause but he is playable on Level 22-12.

Postman's Updates and news





Episodes 1 - 6

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------EPISODE 1-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

(After final boss fight in ABS)

As the pigs are defeated,The birds got the eggs to the portal.

King pig and his other pigs where still alive.They said that they are going to the portal back to earth.As they wake up,They hurry into the portal.

As Birds go to the Earth,The pigs also come to the Earth.Upon landing,They Found Freckled pig on the ground as he was left.

This started a conversation between the pigs.Freckled pig was crying because he missed his friends when he Goes through the island as he was not shot to the portal.

(In the past)

Piggy Island,12pm

As Freckled pig was travelling through the forest,he heard the sounds that the Birds are shot into the portal.He seen the portal.He tried to run to the portal,but when he is almost shot,The portal Disappeared.He launched himself and hit the ground and hurt.He travelled around the Island all day and all night.In the night,He found some trees.He used them to create his house.His house was a 1 floor and its wide.In 11 pm,He started to sleep in his own sofa.In the next morning,He just get and ordinary adventure in his life for alot of years.

After 100 years,He just closed the door as the weather outside is hot.He added aircons that use solar energy from the sun.He closed the door and prepare making his cold skin potions.These potions make him immune to heat for about 100 years and keeping him cold.After putting alot of Potions,He slept and stayed on his house for a long time.

By his old age,He developed mitosis potions that makes his ability to divide himself.He now puts it in his skin.These potions are used to prepare the Future adventure.after a long time,He seen the portal appearing.He got outside and see it.What he seen was the Different styled birds from the portal.He never seen those bird styles before.

(In the present)

He was very sad as he missed those pigs.And he joined the team lately.

but their conversation started.

King Pig:Hey,what is this place?It does not look like Earth.

Foreman Pig:I Have a Solution.This one is My Cleaner Towel.

Freckled pig:The City is so Dusty maybe,We Survived Dec 21.And Pollute Earth.

Medium Pig:Maybe,The Mayans did that to Doomsday.But There is no Doomsday Left.i don't know what is the date today..The Final Doomsday Was 500 years ago.

King pig:Not good.It is gonna be in millions years!But I know why Is this polluted,Because of all trash from humans!

God:And It was the sun who made us hot.No water later,Its now over hundreds degrees.

Foreman pig:Ok,ok,ok,ok, let us just mind about the eggs.

King Pig:Where is the Telescope???(Thinking the Eggs)

Freckled Pig:(Writing The map)

Small Pig:(Breaked the Map) King Pig:Huh???

As they go through,They Discovered the world was polluted.They embarked a new chapter that gets them in Hard time.

In Levels 1-1 to 1-5,Main tutorial appears here.After 1-5,They seen that the Eggs are gone by the Birds.They travelled for a long time near the City.In the adventure,they discover Hot caves with many undiscovered Treasures left in the fossil.After sometime,They discovered the Tomb or Matilda.Foreman pig opens it and this causes Ghost matilda to Occur.The pigs are trying to kill her.After killing her,They discovered Zombie pigs.They fight and kill them all out in the attack.As they defeated them,More and more zombies occur.After sometime in the cave,They discovered Skeletons or animals,They poison the pigs.After breaking all skeletons,They fight their way into the Shrine of Impresso.They,Where they can buy new Swords and other things.As they wove through the desert,In 1-17,The pink bird has got enraged to the pigs for stealing Her Shrine of Impresso.After hurting her alot,She travelled to the Heaven forge to upgrade her and Take her back to life.The pigs travel to the Countrysides,Where they meet the Wizard pig.As they wove their way,They got to the Shrine of Empressa,She is the mother of Impresso.She died after making her shrine.She becomes a Heavenly soul of her shrine.Again,They meet shops.But they now have a Bigger Inn.(Later)The Birds are still fighting to the pigs by killing them because they like to steal the eggs.Boss fights can be still there but now you use tanks to defeat them.After 1-44,The birds invented a new weapon called Mortar balls,while pigs invented Arrows and Low friction wheels.In 1-45,They started a Powerful battle in the Metropolis.Just defeating one each other.After the Mortar 1.0 is defeated,The birds escape and Hurt freckled pig.King pig saved freckled pig from being crushed by Terence.The birds are hiding in the buildings in the metropolis.In Level 1-46,The pigs try to rush into the city before its night,but they still did not invent Metal yet,When they try to ride all of the pigs,They crashed into the ground and Mechanic pig don't know what is the solution.Mechanic pigs says if its night,then we should sleep,But they dont have a home.meaning they should reach the city before Nighttime comes.After reaching the city,Mechanic tells the pigs to sleep in the Jungle.They cut some trees and use wood to create their own house.After all the beds are created,They pretend all pigs sleep now.In this final part of their first day in the polluted earth,They Slept in their beds.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------EPISODE 2------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

USA New york,6:30 am

After the sleep,They woke up again in 6:30 am.King pig said that we have to Go on this adventure now.Outside their house,A Minion pig discovered the sick Fat pig.The Fat pig had Nausea and Brain damage.Freckled pig called 911 to call Space doctor pig Professionals.In 6:40 am,The Doctor pigs came from the drone.They Delivered Medicines to him.The Medicines clears his Nausea if he drinks it 8 times a day..He said that he Fell down by a bird and fell down to the jungle in the Midnight.In 2-1.You use the medicines to cure the Fat pig.If you do something bad and incorrect,The Fat pig might end to Death or in Danger.After Feeding with Medicines.The Doctor asks to have Brain Transplant.In this part of 2-1,You perform the Brain transplant.You use Medical instruments to perform this.The Note there is'When you do something wrong,He might die and Fail the level or get in Danger.So be careful.'In Performing this surgery,There is a hint that says"Use Anesthesia to perform this.Or else he will die."


  1. Apply Anesthesia to the Head.
  2. Use the Scalpel to Cut into his body.Make a long Incision on the head
  3. Use the Tractors to open this clearly
  4. If Bleeding exists,then Use either a Bovie or Soft cloth.
  5. Use the scalpel again to cut the Muscle layer.
  6. Use the Scalpel to cut Brain gel that glues the Brain into the muscle.
  7. Pull the brain as hard as you can.
  8. If you find the spinal cord,then use the scalpel to cut the spinal cord.
  9. Remove the old brain.
  10. Transfer the Memories from the Old brain into the New brain.
  11. Replace the New brain into the Head.
  12. See if the brain is fully connected to the spinal cord.If yes,Then stitch between the spinal cord and the Brain.If no,Place the brain in another place of the head.
  13. To start backup,Use the Stitches to stitch the Muscle layer and the Skin.
  14. Put a Large bandaid and roll it through the head in order to heal the Incisions.

After performing the Surgery,The Doctor says that He should rest for about 9 days.As the Doctors Leave into the Drone,King pig asked Freckled pig to do Mitosis so 1 is for adventure and 1 is for care.He divided into 2 pigs after 1 minute.The other Freckled Pig take cares the Fat pig.After 2-1,The Pigs leave the House and say goodbye to the Fat pig and the Other Freckled pig.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------Episode 4----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

As they run through,They try learning swimming as they don't have an axe to cut wood.Freckled pig invented Plant ball that has a plant and gives O2 to the outside of the glass ball.Suddenly,They found a bright light in the water.Thery got there but they were trapped.They travel through this Limestone cavern.They have no light,so they created a torch in order to travel this dark cave.After travelling through,they saw a chasm through.They were thrown into the chasm.After travelling a mine,King pig had cataract.As they got the tools from the doctors,The doctors say that he has Bronchitis/Brocnchiolitis and Cataract.They said that he needs a surgery.Freckled pig learned most surgeries.Like from episode 1,They said that again and he remembered it.The King pig says that he cannot breathe easily.So the doctors should let Freckled pig to do Diaphragm replacement.


  1. Apply anesthesia for incision-less respiratory surgery.
  2. Apply anesthesia for surgeries with incisions.
  3. Make an incision in the back chest.
  4. Use lung-pump machine as you can't breathe with fluid inside the bronchi.Quickly make an incision at the Right atrium and connect it to the tube to the Oxygenation chamber,And quickly make an incision in the Left atrium and connect it to the tube to the heart from the chamber.Also connect the tubes to the Lung pump machine correctly.
  5. Use a bronchoscopy to see what is inside the Bronchi.
  6. Put Mucus killer fluids into the Trachea in order to unblock the blocked bronchi.
  7. Put Cillia fluids into the Trachea for Cillia reconstruction.
  8. Remove the Bronchoscopy.
  9. Remove the lung pump tubes and the Lung pump machine and quickly stitch the incisions in the atria.
  10. Stitch the incision for the heart.


  1. Apply anesthesia for surgeries that has Incisions.
  2. Make an incision in his Abdomen.Just make incisions until you see the Diaphragm
  3. Use the scalpel again to remove the Old Diaphragm.
  4. Put the Pusher into the lower part and connect it to the Mechanical Diaphragm.
  5. Connect the Mechanical Diaphragm into the Diaphragmatic nerve.
  6. Make stitches in the Muscles and the skin.


  1. Drip anesthesia into the Eyes.
  2. Use a soft cloth to stop infection from coming.
  3. Put the Optic speculum into 1 eye so blinking will not happen.
  4. Use an Osteotome to form an incision in the cornea.
  5. To remove the cataract lens,Use a Phaco probe to divide the lens.
  6. Use the rotator with using the lens.
  7. Divide again by the Probe.
  8. Remove the probe and rotator from the eye.
  9. To remove them,Use the Irrigation probe to remove them.
  10. Inject the Artificial lens into the lens space.
  11. Use the Syringe again:Pick one of the correct Liquids that should be used:Antibody fluids,Leakingless fluids,Warming fluids
  12. Put the syringe inside the incisions once.
  13. Remove the Optic speculum.
  14. Put an Eye patch into the Eye.
  15. Do Steps 1 to 14 again in the Other eye.

As his diseases are cured,The adventure continues again.While king pig is going to be held by Doctor pig.He said that he need some rest then you can let king pig in the adventure.Doctor pig made a Armchair with wheels for him. The other pigs will venture through.Though they seen Fat pig by getting through. They have explored the crystal caves and the Mines.Later,They seen a hole at the top.How can they go through the hole.Someone brought a ladder for them. After climbing,They found themselves in a Valley,They explore more dungeons and more mountains.As the birds travel through these mountains,Chuck scans the pigs.He was surprised that they are coming and they hid.,They start sleeping in a Abondoned house.The birds was also sleeping too.In 3:50 am of the Next day,Freckled pig started to travel around with a sword to fight monsters.As he got the eggs,He only collected 1 egg as 2 eggs will be very hard to get because of Magnetism.He told to the pigs that a egg is there.Someone pig said that we might die from the birds.So they try hiding.Suddenly,A crack happened on a platform they stepped.They still have their torch.And they fell down into a Lava tube.The pigs will try going through this pipe one by one.After all pigs got there,They get through Very dark caves and see monsters.A Giant monster has appeared in the cave.Is the Sillica-wrath.Pigs use weapons and rocks to defeat him.As he is defeated,They continued through chamber to chamber,Foreman pig said that we were in a Ravine.Though the skies are blue,They started going through again into the cave instead of going up,The pigs revisit the mechanism they did earlier.Getting through a lava river.But in those levels,Lava monsters appear in the lava,They seen a Giant lava monster in the lake.The Sillica-Piranha.The pigs try fighting her by lava into her mouth.Causing her to be burned.After the Piranha died,They continue their journey inside the cave.,The player experiences Monster defending type.In that type,They use total points to spend and buy buildings.Most Defending levels has around 55 waves of enemies. as it has only 12 waves and a Tutorial level.See more Info about Defending levels at the Levels page of this game,The monsters become enraged and more powerful.More boss fights appear.In 4-45,Wave 70,A Boss rush will be there.All the previous boss waves in the level.After defeating all boss fights,The Monsters have created balls to kill pigs.In 4-46,A new type of level is introduced.Zuma level type.In this Level type,The level will be really it's scripts based on Zuma(Revenge) by Popcap.Instead,You use your Rocky ball shooting machine to destroy them by matching 3 or above.Avoid getting the balls into the Monster skull.This causes the pigs to be eaten by the Skull.Then you failed the level.If you lost all your lives in the Zuma levels,The Zuma level will be Locked again.Causing the next levels after that level to be locked.Or you can use the Pig souls.Which restores the Dead pigs and try again.The levels will be still unlocked when you use the Pig souls.At 4-50,The final level of the episode,They meet the Flock again.They created a powerful ship that releases Plasma.The pigs are making a plane.This is the first final boss fight that gets through Aircrafts.After the Flock's plane is destroyed,The pigs had been hurt by the Flock again.The flock left the valley and get through a metropolis.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------Episode 5-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Monsters return again in the City to kill the pigs.In Levels 5-1 to 5-18,They have TD level type.There are more towers and Upgrades in those levels.The monsters like to stop those pigs.They even have more weapons to kill pigs by smoke or any other Hazard for pigs.In 5-6,Another boss is introduced:Giant Fungi.These Fungi release fungi into their bodies.Causing them to have scratching their skin and also more delay shooting.After defeating the Fungi,They started battling again.But in 5-15,They revisit the Giant fungi but now with the Mother and Father.After defeating those,They are travelling through the buildings.In 5-18,The Fungi family has all 5 Fungi:Mother fungi,Father fungi,Brother fungi,Sister Fungi and Jr Fungi.They try attacking those pigs.After Three/Fifhs of the Fungi are dead,The Remaining 2 will get enraged and get more powerful.After defeating his mother and Father survived,or Father is defeated and Mother survives,He/she because very enraged causing him/her to be much powerful.After defeating the family,The Pigs said that it is night.So they slept in the Buildings.Next morning,The Monsters are already enraged that he might take zuma to him.In 5-19 to 5-25,They are Zuma level type.The Ball monster learned more ball colors are added it into his Zuma ball set.But the King pig started to stop him.The King pig invents more Power-ups.In 5-21,The monster introduced Splitting balls.Causing the level to be harder.After 5-24,The Monster becomes Enraged that he should burn him to death.After 5-25,He defeated the monster.But still,He punches Freckled pig alot because of hurting the monster.And the pigs walked away from the monster.As they walked,Invisble monsters go around the pigs to block them from moving.The Platform Has been broken and those pigs were sent into a Monster caverns.They crafted swords and try fighting in the cave.In 5-26,Pigs fight inside the cave and Many monsters can kill them.The last boss fight in the cave:Pokey monster.A Giant Crossed pokey animal that can shoot poison to the pigs.Makes them toxic.After defeating him.The pigs escape the cave,But a door closed/Causing them to be trapped.The walls of the cave crack into lava.In 5-27,They try again fighting the King wizard and the Wizards.The pigs fight through them and passed to the King's room.But they are attacked by Powerful wizards to kill those aggresive pigs.After defeating his guards,The king will get angry and Crush those pigs.After they defeated the King,The pigs escaped but they were on another place.In 5-28,The pigs make aircrafts to travel back.They seen a Fungi again and it is the MITOSIS FUNGI.These fungi can divide with the same Gender.In 5-29,The pigs should defeat those Fungi in this TD level type.After defeating all of those,The ball monster has been back.The ball monster again got enraged and that monster tries to make more ball colors.Most of the pigs were prisoned into a prison by Red.Only Freckled pig can do the job.In 5-30 to 5-35,Zuma levels again.New ball color type is introduced.After 5-35,The Ball monster becomes enraged and sees him how can he defeated him.In 5-36,A Zuma boss again.You fight off the ball monster.After he is defeated he becomes dizzy and not minding him.Its Freckled pig's job to find the prisoned pigs In 5-37.After rescuing the pigs,Freckled pig is tired so he needs to rest in a Wheelchair.Again,A surgery is experienced again.King pig had Gastric ulcers.Freckled pig should cure him in 5-38.


  1. Apply Anesthesia for Abdominal surgeries.
  2. Apply Betadine to the Abdomen.
  3. Make an incision in the Abdomen using the scalpel.
  4. Use the Tractors to open the incision.
  5. Pull the Liver out of the way.
  6. Make an Incision in the Fundus of the Stomach.
  7. Use a Gastroscopy to see what is inside the stomach.
  8. Use a Acid-immune Suction tube to the HCL to clear the stomach.
  9. Get Cholesterol fats then Fill the ulcers with Sticky mucus to stick the Cholesterol to the Ulcers.
  10. Put Cholesterol in the Ulcers to fill them.
  11. Add more mucus to the stomach to stop Ulcers again.
  12. Using the tube,Take back the HCL to the Stomach.
  13. Stitch the Incision in the Stomach.
  14. Stitch the Incision in the Abdominal skin.

After being cured by him,King pig again should extend his resting time.But another problem to fat pig:Heart attack.The Doctors and Freckled pig are already aware of this disease.


  1. Apply Anesthesia for Closed heart surgeries.
  2. Make pressure in a place that has a Vein or Artery.
  3. Inject the Cardiovasculoscopy and release a drone to travel inside his body.
  4. Using the Drone controller,Move the drone into the Coronary artery.If you injected it into a vein,Go to the Right heart-Pulmonary arteries and veins-Left heart-Aorta-Coronary artery.If you injected it into an Artery,Either use the Method for veins or This arterial-back method:Go back into the Aorta-Find a hole that leads to a coronary artery.
  5. If you found a Thrombus or Plaques,Use a catheter into the place and balloon it to push the stent into the blockage.
  6. After Unblocking all blockages,Get back the catheter and the drone back to their Starting position.
  7. Get a Plaster to cover the injection.
  8. Wash the Catheter and the drone and put the drone back to the Cardiovasculoscopy(a.k.a Cardiac endoscopy).

After fat pig and King pig are cured,They should be in a wheelchair to rest and their adventure continues.THier mind is changing causing them to be confused while walking through,There is a new type of level introduced:WALKING.You use buttons to stay them walking in a correct timing.1 miss = 1 pig dizzy.10 misses =Level Failed.After travelling through,They saw the birds getting through.Meanwhile,The Birds started to make MITOSIS FORMULA to duplicate themselves.Walking again for time,There is a new obstacle introduced in WALKING:Hot blocks.These blocks make 1 pig hurt.1 hit - 1 Pig hurt,10 hit = Level failed.,They were sad in a stormy day.A new one is a Ghost.Ghosts scare you and it can cause you to push the wrong button.Also the Pace gets faster each 4 minutes of walk.After 5-45,Freckled pig says that they should go overnight.They entered a blockage by the birds.The pigs can't simply go back.They were going inside a cave again.In 5-46 to 5-53,They experience caves again.They also experience Walking levels again.In 5-53,Another boss is Hemorrage Skeleton.He is a Skeleton that came from someone's fossils.He releases poisoned blood into the Pigs to kill them.Pigs are scared of this skeleton.After breaking the skeleton,The Level breaks back to walking but later,Another boss is Met:Fossil's tomb/Its like the previous boss but more Fossils will attack the pigs.Pigs are very scared of those!After defeating him,They reached the end of the cave and escaped.In 5-54,The pigs walk again but this time,The level is more difficult.More patterns are harder.More faster pace.After walking through,They come to another island.Suddenly,They are hit by a trap and pushed out.As they land,They crushed the rock,They arrived into a Water tube.In 5-55,They use boats again but until the water is evaporated while transporting the Pigs.after transporting them,They found a Muddy river.Sillica and Water is combined.The pigs should be again transported through this Long tube.After transporting them in the rivers for 4 times,They arrived at a lake again.They meet the Mud fossil.Pigs again are scared of these fossils.After defeating him,They walk again to escape the cave.But a boulder blocked a passage to escape the cave.So they continued back.Suddenly,They seen a huge chamber and fight the birds.The pigs use Physical attack to the birds.Also the Birds do.Bomb and chuck can also do Chemical attacks(Such as Explosion,Laser beam)After defeating with Physical/chemcial attacks,The birds fill the chamber with water and use their Mud shooter,Boulder mortar and Grenade factory.While pigs build their own.After destroying the boats,The birds punched all pigs but still,the pigs did not die.The birds Stow away from the pigs and travel to another location.After the battle,The water rises.The pigs should build a boat so they will be not drowned,However,Obstacles crush the pigs/Push the pigs into the water to stop the pigs from going up.After getting to the top,The water pushes out causing an Acute fountain.After being pushed,The pigs find themselves in another cavern.Will they escape?

---------------------------------------------------------------------------Episode 6----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Episode 7 to 10(Plot)

---------------------------------------------------------------------------Episode 7----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

---------------------------------------------------------------------------Episode 8----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

---------------------------------------------------------------------------Episode 9----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

---------------------------------------------------------------------------Episode 10---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Episode 80(Plot)

As they Developed the Space earth,This Plan suceed.As the Rocket of the earth ignites,It flied and released clouds.This shoots up the earth into space.After launching it.

The Earth started to get to the red giant.Causing an alarm.The Freckled pig Used a ship to travel and what was happening to the sun.

As the ship goes on,He wear his Thermal suit to protect him from the heat.

however,the ship exploded and he activated platform mode to safety.

His Layer discovery pod has fell into a platform.In the 1st to 5th tries,When he reaches the end,His Discovery pod falls into another platform

After those 5 tries,He sees that the pod lost its memory.

He has to answer the following jumbled words in the pod to get back its memory.

After all the words,Someone saved him by a ship,sending him back to the Earth.

As he discovers what is happening in the sun,Someone has to arrange all of the things scattered in the Earth for only 6 minutes.

After arranging all of them,A vital message appeared in the Captain's room in the Nucleus.They have to Defeat the Anomalybot by the birds.

This Anomalybot shoots lasers and other plasma substances.

Astronaut Nuclear Pig Releases the Earth fighter to defeat it.

The Earth fighter shoots Spinning blades and Laser too.

After Defeating the Anomaly bot,6 Birds survived this fight.

An Explosion suddenly appears causing the Earth to be pushed in light speed.

Captain said that they were lost from the battle.He said that the Red Giant was still growing.

Their target is to reach Constellation Taurus.But the birds still rush.

After getting there,The Earth was pulled by a Baby star.They were warned and they try to get out.

They explored the planets in all of the constellation as they need more fuel.

40 years later,They found most of the treasures in all of the planets,But the ship left.

They embarked a new mission in their ship to find the earth into the Burning area.

Far far away,They Found the planet and got inside.They delivered the treasures in the planets that they discovered before.They go to the Fuel station and burned all treasures.But its not over yet.They need to kill the birds in a place.The computer said the Birds are in the Constellation Big dipper.They travelled to there and yet,the Computer said its in one of the stars with planets.

After finding the stars to be travelled,They found and killed the birds with their Tesla rays and laser canons.

Suddenly,A space kingdom started to appear in the constellation.this has powerful weapons that kills a wood.The Captain said that they have to create their Lethal weapons.And the battle started.They used the Earth Fighter 2.0 to fight this kingdom.

This boss is named "The Greatest 

It starts with a Gyro-cluster ship will multiple balls,and a Super-Duper Explosive core at the center.This Cluster ship is controlled by the Blues.

Phase A1-The balls becomes Magnetic,and deadly.It pulls the ships by Magnetic force.

Phase A2-The balls lost their ability to use Magnetic force.They become plasma-powered again and launches itself to break the ship.As you damage it,they faster the reload.

Phase A3-The balls became heavier and cannot launch anymore.The core starts to spin and spin.The balls Orbit around the core.It gets Farther then nearer and vice versa.The core uses Magnetic force to pull the ship towards the balls.Shoot the core and the balls.

Phase A4-The balls explode and combine with the core.The core generates Pirate ships that gets more armored as you damage it.As you damage the core,it releases more and more Pirate ships.When its health reaches 75%,it radiates and releases Cosmic waves.As you damage the core,the wave gets more powerful.

Phase A5-The core weakens and stops releasing Pirate ships and Cosmic waves.Instead,it divides and divides to make decoys or fake cores.The Core will be invisible to make it more challenging.

Phase A6-After tired of that in Phase A5,The Core becomes a Neutron star and create a Hyperstorm.It generates Atomic bombs all over the place.The Neutron star has a High Magnetic field,so it pulls them.It will also revive it's balls to do what they did in Phase A1,A2 and A3 and It will do the same in Phase A4 and A5.As it loses hp,the wind gets stronger and faster and the Attacks will be stronger and faster.

Phase A7-the Gyro-cluster explodes HYPERVIOLENTLY.The winds become HYPER-FAST and HYPER-HOT.The Explosion is so powerful hard.This explosion will last for 5 minutes and 35 seconds,and become a Black dwarf.This is the hardest phase in the Gyro-cluster ship.The Blue birds evacuate back to the kingdom,You should kill the blue birds to continue.If not,they will revive the ship and repeat Phase A1 again and worse,it is much powerful.

The Second one is the Electrinoplane,which is controlled by Red.It is a Red-Orange colored plane-like ship that is radioactive.

Phase B1-the ship shoots Super-Radioactive bombs that can damage the armor of the ship.When they hit the surface of the ship,they pull the asteroids to its own and explode.It releases more and more Bombs as you damage it.

In Phase B2,When the ship,gets out of control and stops generating bombs,it generates Mathematical signs that has different functions:

Number-The main and the basic enemy.The higher the Number,the more powerful and stronger it is.And Vice versa.If it bonds with another number,it combines to form a stronger number.The color of it varies on the number.



1 to 25-Dark pink

26 to 40-Lavender

41 to 75-Violet

76 to 100-Navy

101 to 125-

126 to 140-Blue

141 to 175-Cyan

176 to 200-Torquoise

201 to 225-Blue-Green

226 to 240-Green

241 to 275-Lime

276 to 300-Yellow

301 to 325-Gold

326 to 340-Amber

341 to 375-Orange

376 to 400-Red

401 to 425-Maroon

426 to 440-Purple

441 to 475-Indigo

476 to 499-Light pink


Combinator(Plus)-Increases power and force to other mathematical signs.

Subtractor(Subtract)-Damages the ship by exploding to steal armor.

Multiplier(Multiply)-Can bond to other Math signs to increase their stats.If not on a bond,it cannot do anything to the ship.

Divider(Divide)-Tears armor,weakens armor.

Fraction-Releases Subtractors and numbers to attack the ship.

Ratio(Ray-sho,Comparison of 2 quantities)-Compares numbers and if not balanced,it transforms the weaker number to the number that is stronger.

Proportion(2 or more equal Ratios)-Fuses all ratios in it's slots to form a stronger Ratio.

Equal-Speeds up time for enemies and slow time for the ship.

Percentage-When it collides with another sign,it increases it's stats and it varies as the number.

Graph-Measures amount of enemies in the area.If too low,It attacks the ship by releasing Lightnings all over the ship.If too high,it sends more enemies to the site.

Brackets-If hits with other signs,it supplies it with armor.A Bracket can hold up to 10 signs.

Phase B3-After the attack or the numbers are destroyed,the ship will releases Geometric enemies.

  • Stellae are star shaped enemies that usually spin fast.They release Hydrofire,which are powered to be destructive to metals and helpful to enemies.

Polyworm-Worm like structures that can be at any number of points.

Point-The basic one.It has only 1 point.It bonds to other shapes to form a stronger shape.

Digon-Has 2 points.Bonds with other shapes easily.

Tril-Has 3 points and closed.They are triangles.They generate mines.

Tetragons/Quadriliterals-Has 4 points.

  • Squares can divide into 4 more squares if shot.
  • Rectangles acts as a cannon.They shoot the 'Rectangle Rockets',which steals weapons to get their energy.Those rockets have a strong and big magnetic field to suck the weapons.
  • Rhombuses walk diagonally.
  • Trapezoids shoots the 'Trapeplasm',which are made of TP rays which is corrosive to metal and steals energy.
  • Diamonds are hard and strong.They are invulnerable to any weapon and it should be pushed away from the ship.
  • Distellae(Distella) 

Pentagons-Has 5 points.

  • Regular Pentagons commonly dodge your weapons and it is the fastest shape of all.
  • Pentapointer acts like long snakes.1 Pointersnake usually has 50 Pentapointers.They regenerate and speed varies by the ship.It can make more pointers by stealing the weapon.The more the pointers,the more stronger and slower.and Vice versa.
  • Duotrils looks like hourglasses.They generate the 'Duotril mines',which explodes on contact.They can chase the ship and electrify the enemies so they will be stronger.

Hexagons-Has 6 points.

  • Regular Hexagons can reproduce and make a web.
  • Hexapointers are just like Pentapointers,but they are stronger,regenerate faster and faster in speed.1 Hexapointersnake usually has 65 Hexapointers.
  • Tristellae(Tristella) 
  • Tritrils have 3 triangles connected and they shape like a Nuclear sign.

Heptagons-Has 7 points.Attracts smaller shapes to form a Gyro shape.They are very Armored.

Octagons-Has 8 points.

  • Regular Octagons

Nonagons-Has 9 points.They can give birth to smaller shapes and let Octagons to protect them.

Decagons.-Has 10 points.Can create Pentagons.It shoots lasers to the ship.

More coming........................

Phase B4-After the Geometries are broken into tiny particles,The Ship will release Letters of the Alphabet.

A-Shoots the 'A laser' which is weak.

a-Creates and O and regenerates again.

B-Armored ,Shoots the 'B Rockets' that contains b's inside it.

b-Acts like a Shuriken.Spins fast and runs fast.

C-It collects a Capital letter to upgrade it.

c-Same as C except that is only for small letters.

D-Every about 2 seconds,It glows and kills everything in its glow.Even the weapons made by the ship.

d-same as b.

E-Shoots 2 'E Bullets' that chase the ship.

e-Can suck things around it by transforming into a black-hole like e.

F-Disables your ship by using the'F disabler'

f-Uses itself as a sword and slices through metal.

G-Can speed up enemies and slow weapons by turning into a Swirl.

g-Transforms weapons into any small letter.

H-Can reproduce,Produces the 'H meteors' then orbiting them through and launching them.

h-Generates the'h drones' which helps other letters.

I-Can reproduce and reflects weapons like the light bounced back by a mirror.

i-Scans weapons in it's range.If a weapon is detected,it alarms to bring the other letters here.

J-Generates Darkness around it's range.

j-Scans lightness in it's range and only stays at the dark area by the J.If it detects lightness,it shoots it's bad version,which will be directed to the ship.

K-Creates Vs from it's V part in the Right oart of the K.The I or the Left part generates I's.

k-same as K but creates v and i.































Phase B5-After the Letters are destroyed,The Ship suddenly releases Pulses and recharges itself.It creates a Nebular cloud all around the ship,which is spinning.It releases the Mathematical signs,Geometric shapes and Alphabetical letters from Phase B2,B3 and B4 respectively.The Ship Glows like a star and becomes a Powerful Pulsar.This is barely the Hardest phase in B.The pulsar rotates in a very slow speed first.As you shoot more and lose it's hp,the Pulsar gets faster and faster.The pulsar also has colors.Like in the previous phases,the less the hp,the higher the stats and the harder it is.After that,It becomes a Hyperquasar and gets impossibly hard(Not impossible,but close.).

The Quasar is the deadliest thing in the universe,a type of a Black hole,with a Hyper-Magnetic field,They are Hundred million or Billion times bigger than our Sun,It glows A BILLION BILLION BILLION BILLION BILLION TIMES THAN OUR SUN!!!!!!!!! and ULTRA ULTRA ULTRA ULTRA HYPER HYPER HYPER HYPER ENERGETIC!!!!For more information about Quasars,look at these: this link is a video about the Quasar and extracted from this Documentary: and also:

The less the hp,the faster the Quasar,and the more magnetic it is.This is Probably the Hardest Phase in the Hyperboss.

Phase B6-After the Quasar runs out of HP,The Quasar explodes so VIOLENTLY.The black hole grows fast,The winds expand and faster,more enemies from Phase B1,B2,B3 and B4,Hyper-Pulsar,Hundreds of Cosmic Pulses released and it Glows HYPER HYPER HYPER HYPER BRIGHT(But for safety,the screen limits the brightness).This Explosion lasts for 12 to 16 minutes.This is the hardest phase for the Electrinoplane.

After Phase B6,The Quasar explodes into nothing.All that remains is a Red-Orange-Yellow colored Nebula.Red gets regenerated back to life in the Kingdom.He plans to revive the Blues.

After that,The 3rd boss is the "Neuro-Titanium",which is a Spinning/Galaxy-like  Swirl.This Swirl is colored Blue-purple and pink,and controlled by Bomb,Red and the Blues.

Phase C1-They activate the Galaxy to spin fast and become a pulsar.It also releases hydro-electrical bolts that can be wide.The lower the hp,the slower the spin,the faster the pulsar and the faster and more Hydro-electrical bolts.Also,the bolts have color,It is usually colored Purple or Violet.The lower the hp,the brighter and the angrier it is(personification)

Phase C2-After the Hydro-electrical bolts darken and darken and weaken,the spin stops and the pulsar shuts down,It creates a bright bang or emitting pulses away.This bang lasts for 2 minutes.After the bang,it becomes a bullet hell.It acts like the boss in Sinistar by releasing Macrophages,which are droids with big mouths.They emit Hyper-energy waves that steals atoms in the metal armor.At the Higher side of it's powers or bullet hell,it emits Hyper-plasma Ultraviolet-Gamma spherical rays to every part of the galaxy,which is similar to the Last boss in Mushihimesama Futari.But this thing is much harder and there are less weak spots.You need to stop the rays by throwing asteroids around it,collect and steal the rays and more.The less the hp,the faster the rays.This is so insane except ,your ship's hp is Brutally high to fight this insanely hard phase.

Phase C3-It Explodes very violently,it still shoots the UV-G Rays,it spins Insanely fast and the things did in Phase C2 is still underway.This Explosion will last for 8 minutes.

Phase C4-After the explosion,the things did in Phase C2 is stopped except for the UV-G rays.It becomes a Hypernova.Then suddenly,the Hypernova starts to spin fast,meaning it is regenerating the swirl.The UV-G rays is getting Hyper-Powerful.The Asteroids are speedily circling the galaxy.You need to shoot the Core to make it absorb the Hypernova gases,unfortunately,the core is armored with Gamma shields.This shield regenerates after every shot.You have to shoot it very fast to make a hole in the Gamma shields,or use a laser or an Asteroid.Large Asteroids can steal the Gamma shield's gamma rays,but the Hyper-winds of the Hypernova can degrade asteroids and break them up.

Phase C5-After it recharges,you need to throw alot of asteroids into the core in 2 minutes or else you will repeat Phase C1.

If the condition in Phase C5 is completed,the core will suddenly explode and do the same in Phase C3,but it is much impossibly powerful than the things in Phase C3.It will do also what it did in Phase C2,making it impossibly hard.Also,it lasts longer that Phase C3,with 12 to 15 minutes.After the Explosion,all that remains is a black screen.

Then it suddenly gets white.And you see a Rainbow colored star far far far away.And then it releases asteroids and get farther to avoid being fought.The nearer and faster the ship to the star,the faster and the more asteroids incoming.

When you reach the star,it is actually not a star.It is a galaxy with several hexagons with a glowing outline.It is colored Orange and Blue.

This Hexagonal structure is called the "Hexowebs Cosmen",which is controlled by the Blues,Red and Bubbles.At the Central Hexagon is the Polymorphy,or the core.

Phase D1-The Core emits Hexahedron-shaped pulses that are colored Orange and Blue and it's made up of ionizing Geometric hexagons and Geometric rays.The core will continously emit the pulses until the core runs out of HP. With that,the core also creates thousands of Hexagonal enemies.You need to throw the Geometric Asteroids to the core but the pulse can destroy these Asteroids so you need to quickly launch many asteroids to the pulse and hit the core.You use your weapons to split hexagonal enemies into hexagons and into Hexagioles(Small hexagons),then kill them.


Regular hexagon-Can reproduce like in B.

Hexepedes-Like other worms in B,It can grow and create more hexagons on it's body in a process called "generation",and the replacement of lost hexagons is called "Regeneration".The Head can shoot Hexarockets,which explodes into Hexabombs and then they explode.

Granex-Lays Hexamines in space and if a weapon hits it,it makes it a Hexamine.And it is damaging to the ship.



Phase D2-After that,the pulses stop and the core will suddenly explode and glow then emit a deadly Hexahedron pulse that is thick,slow and deadly.This pulse is colored orange.Then after that,the galaxy starts to spin very fast.The core releases Hexahedron pellets.These pellets are like the UV-G spherical rays from B.This phase will also act like the Last boss of Mushihimesama Futari again.This time,It is much harder than the B. With that,It will also emmit X-Rays to all parts of the galaxy.These X-Rays can be destroyed by Heavy kinetic weapons such as Mortar-involved weapons.Worse,it will also create the Hexagon enemies from Phase D1 but this time,they only come in small teams for strong enemies,but weak enemies usually come in swarms.To make this not impossible,it is needed to check your Ship's Maximum HP and it should be in billions or you will lose.

Phase D3-It will still release the things in Phase D2 but now,they become to weaken and come in smaller numbers.With that,it explodes violently and emit 25 to 40 Hexahedron pulse.The galaxy is starting to tilt very fast.This Explosion will last for 6 to 12 minutes.After this Explosion,the galaxy stops spinning for a while.The Core is recharging itself.Then it emits many Gamma rays all over the place,good thing that the core gradually slow its emition of Gamma rays.Coming together,the core becomes a 8-legged pulsar.This pulsar is usually color Orange.The less the Hp,the faster the pulsar.

After 4 minutes of emitting those dangerous activities,1 hexagon will glow orange,and when you go near it,it says,do not go to this hexagon.You are gonna be destroyed if you.This sign is just a lie to avoid them from winning.After a minute,the Blue hexagon is safe while the others will be doomed.This activity is just like the minigames Hexagon Havoc and Mushroom Mix-up.Go to the Hexagon that is glowing or follow what hexagon to go and stay there,then the other hexagons will be doomed,like in this game.As time passes by,the quicker and harder it is.These actions will last forever until the core is destroyed.

Phase D4-After that,The Core explodes violently again.This time,It is powerful as 100 Supernovas.Even though that is too strong,your ship should have a good armor to protect from the explosion.In this explosion,the Hexagon game will stop.The Tilt continues,the gamma rays are spilled all over and the Pulsar is incredibly fast but it's crashing and it explodes.The Hexahedron pulses are violently emitted from the core.The Asteroids are violently pushed away.Use your map instead because the screen is confusing.This explosion will last for 6 to 10 minutes.

After the Explosion,The core brightens so much and gets out of control.It still releases the Hexahedron pulses and the gamma rays.But now,It will release more dangerous stuff.

Phase D5-


In Phase 1,The Membrane shoots lasers to the ship.

In Phase 2,The Membrane is Damaged.It releases Spikes that release missiles that chase the Earth Fighter.

In Phase 3,The Membrane is Destroyed.The Birds inside controls the Anomalybot which releases Beams of Radiation.

In Phase 4,The Anomalybot is destroyed.Chuck now uses the Electrobot to electrify the Ship.This bot releases Thunder and Radiative lightning to the ship.Its power increases as you damage it.

In Phase 5,His Electrobot is destroyed into ashes.His Final chance to use,Sunball.This Ball shoots Powerful flames that radiates the ship.

After Phase 5,The Sunball is destroyed and burned Chuck to Death.The sunball Exploded very widely that it is a billion times powerful that an Atomic blast.Before this happened,The Earth fighter gets back into the Earth,The Earth shot a protective layer that immunes this ship from the Explosion.The result was a supernova.After the battle,they Cheered and got happy.This Marks the end of their Fighting era.And also the Stars in the Constellation is lost that Ends their life.

The Final Mission is to Evacuate a New Earth.

They used the Earth fighter 2.0 to see where is a new earth.

After finding it,They have to examine the Statistics of the planet.If Most of the Stats voting is Negative,He has to search another planet.

If most of the stats are Positive,They will start evacuating it.


GOOD ENDING-Total Score above 8 Trillion(8,000,000,000,000) to Buy Buildings and Muting the rules that the pigs hate of the new planet.

(-----SPOILER ALERT-----)

They Landed the Drone to the Surface of this planet.

They started evacuating this planet for 100 years.


The Planet is Fully good to start a new life.They used materials in the planet to build new buildings.That means,That is the Start of the Evacuated Life Era.They Build more and more Cities,Which marks the Production of New Earth.

Female pigs give Birth to Baby pigs.

The New Piggania Island is Formed.

The Pig Government is Reformed.

And Life goes on.

(-----END OF SPOILER-----)

BAD ENDING-When the Earth is Badly damaged by Weapons or Explosions


Game created by======Cherylfrancis,Rovio

Game plan============Cherylfrancis

Game Development====Rovio



Freckled pig=========

Small Pigs/Baby pigs

Medium pigs/Teenager pigs

Big Pigs/Adult pigs

Grandfather pig

King pig/Astronaut Captain

Female pigs

Grandmother pig



Plasma computer robotic voice

The Blues






Doctor Al

Computer Stella 3000

Mighty eagle

Robotic voices

Earth Computer robotic voices

Foreman pig



  •        ***  back home (Instrumental)      Ending and Levels as Radio
  • Final countdown Final Boss fight
  • Glad you came Final boss fight,Boss fights
  • Two less lonely people in Ending

the world

  • Lonely is the Night Levels as radio
  • My Heart will go on as Credits music

Thanks for playing!


COPYRIGHT 2015-2025

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Settings is where the game is controlled with options.

The New Pig temple

The New pig temple is where that the New god of the pigs live.The temple also stores Power ups.

The temple also has the Saving system.

Saving system

The Saving system has 6 Slots(A,B,C,D,E and F)

Achievement asteroid 101(Achievements)

This is where Achievements are stored.


Achievement table


1 to 10=Very simple

11 to 20=Very Easy

21 to 30=Easy

31 to 40=Semi Easy

41 to 50=Medium

51 to 60=Semi Hard

61 to 70=Hard

71 to 80=Semi Extreme

81 to 90=Extreme

91 to 100=Extremely Hard

Achievement name Gained by Difficulty to earn(1 to 100) XBOX Points gained Playstation Trophy type Points earned in Game center of IOS
First Kindergarten Completing Levels 1-1 to 1-5 11 to 20 5 G Bronze 5 points
One simple adventure Completing an Adventure level 41 to 50 10 G Bronze 10 points
The First day Completing Episode 1. 41 to 50 25 G Silver 30 points
The Week in the Metropolis Completing Episodes 2 to 5 71 to 80 50 G Gold 80 points
End of the Climax Completing Episode 80 81 to 90 80 G Platinum 100 points
The Early new life Completing Episode 80 in Under 40 minutes 71 to 80 85 G Platinum 150 points
Perfect practice Completing All Tutorial levels 31 to 40 5 G Bronze 15 points
New life Getting the Good ending 81 to 90 80 G Gold 170 points
Life will not go on Getting the Bad ending 71 to 80 40 G Bronze 100 points
Completed Massive adventure Completing the Whole game 91 to 100 160 G Platinum 400 points
Expert gamer Getting 3 to 4 stars in all levels 81 to 90 100 G Gold 130 points
The Sucessful stars Getting 4 stars in all levels 91 to 100 130 G Platinum 250 points
The Giant Golden Star Getting all Golden stars and Finishing all of them 61 to 70 85 G Gold 70 points
Fast-Minded Complete all levels taking only just 80 or lower days. 81 to 90 Platinum 180 points



  • All episodes has 1 Huge level.

CHAPTER I:Abandoned City

  • 1.Beside the Dust-Washington,USA--Introduces Basics of the game and Radio.
  • 2.Fly on the Brokens-Boston,USA-Introduces Balloons and Medical practices(Surgery,Medicine etc.)
  • 3.The Night with the Slides-New York,USA-Introduces Steel wheels and Iiquid bottle.
  • 4.Abondoned jungles but almost there-Introduces Foreman pig
  • 5.City Grounds-Introduces Small pigs
  • 6.Leaving to another heat-Introduces Umbrellas,Wind and Fans

CHAPTER II:Canyon travelling

  • 7.Canyons of Waste-Introduces Birds and slingshot,Thermometer and Rusty metal wheels
  • 8.Sunset is in Flight-Introduces Weather vane-Meter,Anemometer and Walls
  • 9.Lost-Introduces Medium and large pigs
  • 10.Sleeping day-Introduces Time clock and Sleepiness Meter.

To get Episodes 11 to 20,You must pay 0.99 for creating the more-energy machine.

  • 11.Midnight Fly
  • 12.Blue-ing skies
  • 13.The Dawn
  • 14.Morning Flights
  • 15.Sun On the Ground
  • 16.Slide to the Pride
  • 17.Sunrise to the Sunset
  • 18.Pigflight Night
  • 19.Distant Flights
  • 20.When Pigs Fall
  • To get Episodes 21 to 27,Get 5 Metal blocks and 2 glass because on episode 21,It its too bright to look at.
  • 21.The Bright Way
  • 22.Pigs on the Lost City
  • 23.The Valley of the Dangers
  • 24.Almost Paradise
  • 25.Dust slide
  • 26.Canyons of the Mesozoic era
  • 27.Light on the Dark

To get Episodes 28-70,Pay 3.99 for Swimming/underwater mask and also Low-pressure imunnity bag.


  • 28.The Pacific
  • 29.Mountain Crossing-Introduces Barometer
  • 30.Coastline rush
  • 31.Paradise on the Air
  • 32.Hot And Pot
  • 33.Jungles of the Piggies
  • 34.Ghostly Swamp
  • 35.Near the Island
  • 36.The Path of the Sunair
  • 37.Beach of the Saturn
  • 38.Rocky Lucky
  • 39.On the Island
  • 40.Purple Sunset
  • 41.Great Sand
  • 42.Trash sea
  • 43.Moonlight Adventure
  • 44.The Forest of the Toxic
  • 45.Under Eruption
  • 46.Skull Lost
  • 47.Heating Shores
  • 48.Clean off
  • 49.Garbage Valley
  • 50.Rocky Wharf
  • 51.Fault Travels
  • 52.Go sailing go
  • 53.Beneath South
  • 54.Rural Lowlands
  • 55.Lost in the Mountains
  • 56.Returning North
  • 57.Punching Islands
  • 58.Construction of sucess
  • 59.Roll n Go
  • 60.Blowing out storms
  • 61.Going up
  • 62.Return to the city
  • 63.Trash metros
  • 64.Winding Drylands
  • 65.Cleaning Returns
  • 66.Raining Sailing
  • 67.Off the Country,In the shores
  • 68.Poony Night
  • 69.Electric work
  • 70.Almost Off the shores
  • 71.Aurora Bloom
  • 72.Return of the Stro clouds
  • 73.Blind
  • 74.Roots of all life
  • 75.Loose Loss after
  • 76.Production of the new world 

To get episodes 77 and above,You must pay 9.99 or Complete Levels of each previous episode with 3 stars.

  • 77.Recycling to space
  • 78.
  • 79.Beginning of the end
  • 80.Galaxy Climax(Fused by Sun escape,Thou shalt not travel to the sun and Far far away of space)
  • Golden egg episode:Golden Giant-750 Secret levels
  • Sandbox:Toxicity canyons
  • SECRET:Heaven and Abraham(Finish all levels with a grade of 90 above

Episode map gallery

Unlike from the other Bad Piggies games,This game has a different map system.Because there is only 1 huge level on each episode,the map shows you where you are.

For example,In Episode 15.

BP26THC Mapgameplay

If you Select Level 15-14,Then a window text appears about the info and stats in the level.


Green/Lime button-Normal level

Red button-Boss level

Purple button-Cave level

Gray lines-Common level chain

Light gray lines-Secret level chain

Episode Gallery



Unlike the levels in other bad piggies games,This game has 3D terrain than 2D.All episodes in the game have 1 Incredibly Big level.Episode 80 has the largest level of all.

Level scripts

Activating Doors
By sinking

The Button-(Button)(Any color)-When Pressed,Do Sink the object-(Door) to object-(Water)

By opening

The Button-(Button)(Any color)-When Pressed,Do movement-Up to object-(Door)

By Disappearing

The Button-(Button)(Any color)-When Pressed,Do Fade to object-(Clouddoor) on speed-(1 to 5 ) sec.


Basic objects

Wooden objects
Used in Building vehicles
  • Wooden cube
  • Wooden stick
  • Wooden pyramid
  • Wooden door
  • Wooden wall
  • Wooden plank floor
  • Wooden wheel I
  • Wooden wheel II
  • Wooden wings I
  • Wooden wings II
  • Wooden wings III
  • Wooden Arrow cannon
Used as Weapons
  • Wooden arrow
  • Balanced Wooden ball
  • Heavy wooden ball
  • Wooden spikes
  • Wooden spike ball
  • Wooden sword
Stone objects
Used for Building
  • Stone cube
  • Stone wing I
  • Stone wing II
  • Stone wing III
  • Stone wheel I
  • Stone planks
  • Stone door
  • Stone wall
  • Stone pyramid
  • Stone table
  • Stone wheel II
  • Stone mortar cannon
  • Stone line
  • Stone stick
Used as weapons
  • Stone mortar ball
  • Stone Bow and arrow
  • Stone sword
  • Stone blade
  • Stone arrow
  • Stone Spikes
  • Stone spike ball
  • Sand stone cannon ball
  • Stone saw
Used as a Gear
  • Stone shovel
  • Stone bucket
Glass objects
Used for building
  • Window
  • Eyeglasses
  • Stained glass
  • Glass floor
  • Glass vase
  • Glass wall
  • Telescope


Some levels are Level type Day/night.Like minecraft,Crafting is combining 2 or more things to make a new thing.


  1. Surgery(Only for Mature)


  • Skin transplant(Dermatome)
  • Plastic(Face transplant)


  • Tooth implant
  • Tooth crown


  • Tonsilectomy


  • Brain transplant(Unlocked after completing Episode 2)
  • Artificial lens(Unlocked after completing Episode 4)


  • Cillia fluid(Unlocked after completing Episode 4)
  • Diaphragm replacement(Unlocked after completing Episode 4)
  • Lung transplant
  • Bronchectomy(Unlocked after completing Episode 6)
  • Electrolarynx surgery

2.City of the future(Unlocked after completing Episode 80 and getting the good ending)-This Minigame is like Simcity,but there are some differences:It has Hyper-Quality

3.The dream of a pig(Bonus animations) 

Friends on a savanna

Red tea diner

The Sun

New Life

Global Warming:Why to Avoid?

The Earth:Deep down and launch up


  • Digestive system
  • Integumentary system
  • Cardiovascular system
  • Immunolymphatic system
  • Musculoskeletal system
  • Respiratory system
  • Excretory system
  • Reproductive system
  • Nervous system

Nature and Ecosystems

The Universe

  • The Universe
  • Solar system
  • Interstellar space
  • Intergalactic space
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • Cosmic technology.


Trailer videos are shown in youtube.

Trailer 1

  • In 2512......(2 Secs)
  • Where the world is Polluted.....(2 Secs)
  • The Birds are Back.....(2 Secs)
  • And Pigs are Going to Revenge.....(2 Secs)
  • (Screen Going to White)
  • (Shows Logo)(4 Secs)
  • (Gameplay)(For 35 Secs)
  • (After the Gameplay)
  • Text:Bad Piggies 26 Century
  • Text:On September....
  • Text:Created By Rovio....
  • Text:Only For Ages 5 and up..
  • Text: Search Bad Piggies: 26th Century today, and find out the Far future of the universe and also to find out what will happen on that days.
  • Text:Download now!

Trailer 2

Narrator:Life is now impossible.

Narrator:And the sun is marching to be a red giant.

(15 seconds of gameplay) (While in this..)

Narrator:Survive in the blistering heat...

(3 seconds)

Narrator:And it's time for the end.....

(5 seconds)

Narrator:Even 700 or 2,400 degrees isn't enough to kill those animals....

(6 seconds)

Red:They got stepped to skip main sequence for 5 billion years to mayans!

Chuck:Too much heat means life is impossible!

Blues:No more seasons!

Bomb:Temperature rises to 700 degrees!

Big brother:And sun turns into a red giant!!!

(Showing a scene where Buildings are gone and animals run)

Narrator:And our cities are gone.Failed to reproduce.

(Sun growing into a red giant)

Narrator:And everyone could be baked in about 3,400 degrees.

Narrator:And swallowed by the sun....

(Earth got Swallowed by the sun)

(Showing a scene where the sun turns into a white dwarf)

Text:Get Bad piggies:26th century and discover the end

(Screens starts to turn white)

Text:and Watch out for scariness of The sun eats earth...

Text: and Search Red giant for more details about red giant.

(Screen starts to turn black)

Text:Or watch Swallowed by the sun or search it.

Female narrator:This game is by(Rovio icon) and Cherylfrancis3000 which he made the ideas.

Trailer 3(My love should touch on-Parody of My heart will go on)

(God Empresso is singing My heart will go on)

(While she is singing,These appear as transparancy)

(The piggy ship shows,Sinking in 5:00 pm)(10 seconds)

(6 seconds singing)

(Doctor pig curing Fat pig in the House made of Wood)(8 seconds)

(8 seconds singing)

(Freckled pig crying while walking in a Cave)(5 seconds)

(6.5 seconds singing)

(The flock had got an revenge)(3 seconds)

(7 seconds singing)

(Freckled pig saw the pigs are dead as Fossils in the cave and crying)(7 seconds)

(6 seconds singing)

(Freckled pig became lonely in his adventure)(10 seconds)

(10 seconds singing)

(Freckled pig very depressed while travelling through the Cities)(11 seconds)

(11 seconds singing)

(Freckled pig is walking through the jungles and Deserts)(12 seconds)

-----Grayscale colors for the pictures in this section of this parody------

(12 seconds singing)

(Freckled pig and his Co. fighting the birds)

(10 seconds singing)

Version 1.0.1(Episode 9 to 11) trailer


Commercial 1

Narrator:In about 2512....The pigs stepped into doom and survival of Earth....

Narrator:And the World could End....

Narrator:Human life on earth is finished....

King pig:And we Tried to live on a Hotter star.

(Blue birds are seeing the Mayan calendar)

Narrator:As the mayan calendar ends....Sun will be a red giant...

(Showing scene for 10 seconds that the sun is growing)

Narrator:And the baking temperature is death of life.

(Building collapse)

Narrator:Buildings collapse.

(Earth got swallowed by the sun and the birds are escaping)

Narrator:Earth gets dead.

(Pigs are riding an ship made of Metal)

Robot:Buy Bad piggies:26th century now,Only for ages 5 +.

Robot:Revenge those birds

(Ship Got in Hyperspeed)

Cinematic video and other Videos of this game



Stonopedia-Wikipedia of the game.

I.Science and space

The sun

Our main star.Now it might turn into a red giant,On real it might be later time or 5 billion years from now it will end.

The sun reaches the temperature about 5,500 Degrees celcius,5,640 degrees fahrenheit or 5,750 million degrees kelvin.

Layers of the sun:
Layers of the sun


The outer,Gassy layer of the sun.It prtects things to go inside the sun.


Where solar flares are done.Its also a gassy layer,Filled with flame.


Dark spots of the sun is found here.Pigs might know them!

Convective zone

Where convection happens in the sun.

Global Warming and the Greenhouse effect

Main Article:[Bad Piggies:Red Giant/Stonopedia]

II.The characters

The Bad piggies

Stoney's Daily wheel

The daily bonus.The wheel you have to spin.Just like Wheel,You have luck to get your prize.If you tried 1 move,You can wait for 24 hours or Spend 3 Redsuns for another move.

Stoney is an Old,Unplayable pig who has a lucky mind.He has great amounts of luckiness,so he wants to offer a Lucky wheel.

Stoney 39 s daily wheel V2

The Enhanced version of the Stoney's Daily Wheel.Stoney is a Pig with brown hair.You can see Stoney Pig on the left of the picture beside the Wheel in the center.The Water thing in the right is the place where your prizes will be delivered so you can get it.(This Picture is made from Dogwaffle 1 as BMP and converted to PNG in

BP26THC Stoneywheelbeta

Stoney's Daily wheel on Beta version



500 gold-Common

x1 Heater-Uncommon

x1 Unlocker-Rare

35 Redsuns-Very rare

1000 gold-Uncommon

x1 Burn-Little rare

2000 gold-rare

x1 Sandstorm-Common


x1 Lighting storm-Very common

200 gold-Common

1 Stone box-Common

x1 Flare-Uncommon

x3 Burn-Rare

X2 Boulder crash- 2 times Very rare

X1 Acid nuke- 5 times Very rare 

5 Redsuns and 500 gold-Uncommon


300 gold-Common


X2 Big rust-Uncommon

X4 Meteor shower-Rare

X2 Sandstorm-Very rare

X15 Slow mo-2 times Very rare

X10 Protection-6 times very rare

X30 God's Editing-18 times very rare


Which song we need to put in this section?(WOg means world of goo)

The poll was created at 06:34 on October 12, 2013, and so far 14 people voted.

Vote what do you need to put in this section until 1 or vote type had reached 20.

The theme song will look similar to this: go to this link: Even though its not Angry-Birds related,Its just showing how it will be similar.

Bad piggies:Red giant-Tv Adventure

See:Bad piggies:26th century-TV adventure

The TV Adventure of this game might release on 2015.

Character voicing


  • Freckled pig-
  • Male Baby(Small) pigs-
  • Female Baby(Small) pigs-
  • Male child(Medium) pigs-
  • Female Child(Medium) pigs-
  • Male Teenager(Semi-large) pigs-
  • Female Teenager(Semi-large) pigs-
  • Male Adult(Large) pigs-
  • Female Adult(Large) pigs-
  • Grandpa pig-
  • Grandmother pig-
  • Foreman pig-
  • Corporal pig-
  • King pig-
  • Scientist pig-


  • Red-
  • Chuck-
  • The Blues-
  • Bomb-
  • Terence-
  • Bubbles-
  • Doctor Al-
  • Stella-
  • Computer Matilda-
  • Plasma computer -


  • Ball monsters
  • Piranhas,Skeletons,Fossils and other Mini-bosses
  • Normal monsters
  • Mother fungi
  • Father fungi
  • Sister fungi
  • Brother fungi
  • Jr. fungi


Episode table

Season 1(Beside the Dust)

Season 2(Fly of the Brokens)

Season 3(The night and the Slides)

Season 4(Almost there)

Season 5(City grounds and Leaving to another heat)

Season 6(Canyons of waste,Sunset is in Flight,Lost and Sleeping day)

Season 7(Midnight fly,Blueing skies,The Dawn,Morning flights and Sun on the Ground.)


I can do the models at Sketchup,I can make the maps and show it for everyone.Also i will make the birds and pigs.If the game is completed at Version 1.0,I will release the game in the wiki,and this might become non fiction.Because the game is made.Its unknown to make the scripts.

Dev. Updates

Bold-If the update is happening now(Present) or earlier(Past).

Italic-If the update will be happening in a later time(Future)

1/31/14----Development started

2/1/14----Models of Level 1-1 to 1-3 are created.



0.1.1-Scripting of the game is now here

0.1.2-Created Episodes 1 to 8

0.1.3-Added Daily bonus(Stoney's Wheel)

0.1.4-Added some more levels for all episodes

0.1.5-Instruments are scripted


Gamespot comments on it:So educational,so beautiful, and the music is ok.I really like the concepts :D

Gamespot 10/10
IGN 9.9/10


  • The Pigs should be defeated chuck,The defense pleasure in the pigs should be over,Shutting Down....(Scanning Memory to all other Computer googles)(Shut down)-Plasma Computer 1.0 to Chuck

If you have any ideas for this game,Please send me a message in my Message wall!


  • Episode 58(Construction Of success) is the Shortest episode in the game,With only 12 Levels.
  • The Event is based from Wall E's environment
  • It is also based what happened in the videos "Aftermath:Red giant/Swallowed by the sun" which you can search it on YouTube.
  • This might be the largest and longest game in Bad piggies.
  • This is continued to An Angry birds game,The place was left from ABS,or other Angry birds game,after around 2 Billion years of action.
  • Rovio should also need to Compress the full game of this game because its around 30 GB.Rovio should Compress it to 7 GB or to 2 GB.
  • The Last part of the game that evacuates a new earth is Similar that what happened in the Final part in the Movie Evacuate earth.
  • This can be the final part of Bad piggies story as the Birds are permanently killed in space.
  • It also comes up with a Scientific lesson:What happens when the Sun turns into a Red giant?
  • The game also introduces Surgeries and other medical operations.Before every of these,you need to say if you are truly Matured or Immature.If you select Immature,you will just skip the operation.When you are Mature,it will directly lead you to the level.

If you have any ideas for this game,send me a message in my Message wall!

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