Baby White Bird

The Baby White Bird is a Bird that so far has not appeared in any Angry Birds games. However, Mrtailsisdabest revealed that he might make a playable appearance in "Angry Birds MINECRAFT", but will not interrupt any of the Storyline. He has the same coloration as the normal White Bird, with grey cheeks and a yellow belly. He has big eyes wich are joined up and big pupils almost the size of he's eyes. He's body is very small, as he's eyes and beak cover up most of him. His head and tail feathers are pretty small, too. The only picture that has been released of the Baby White Bird is of him looking at the screen saying "Om Nom Nom Nom" while thinking of a melon.


  • Since Mrtailsisdabest mentioned that this Bird would not interrupt the storyline of Angry Birds MINECRAFT, it is possible that he will be playable in Bonus Levels (Simular to the C-3PO and R2-D2 levels in Angry Birds Star Wars).
  • Baby White Bird's first picture was him thinking of a melon while saying "Om Nom Nom Nom", a common noise made when someone eats. This indicates that he's ability MIGHT be related to food.
  • It is unknown when the Update for Angry Birds MINECRAFT with the Baby White Bird in will be mentioned, if it is confirmed that he will make an appearance, that is.

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