BOOM! Blocks are blocks similar to TNT boxes, but they can send birds flying if the wrong bird is used.



Only Red Bird, Yellow Bird and Green Bird can break Wood BOOM! Blocks.Boom Wood 1

Above: One of the Wood BOOM! Blocks only Red Bird can break.

If a wrong bird touches Wood BOOM!...

  • Red Bird - Disintergrates.
  • Blue Bird - 2 of him (if power is used) will dissapear. Or, disintergrates.
  • Yellow Bird - Flys in the opposite direction.
  • Bomb Bird - He explodes.
  • White Bird - Leaves a useless egg behind.
  • Boomerang Bird - Fails to destroy it.
  • Terence - Flys straight up. (He only goes up, so there's a chance he can get more.
  • Orange Bird - Flys back, and disintergrates when touching something.
  • Ice Bird - Freezes and falls down. Smashes to pieces after hitting something.
  • Pink Bird - Gets trapped in a bubble, and flys up.

Stone BOOM! blocks

All other birds hit it.

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