Birdy birdy night2

Birdy Birdy Night

Artist bird

Artist Bird

About the Artist Bird

The Artist Bird lives in France and is related to chuck because they are the same species. the artist bird loves painting and he does it everytime he gets spare time. his most famous painting is birdy birdy night. even though he's a well concentrated artist, he still puts work into helping the flock defeat the pigs. his in-game power is his elemental paintbrush. the artist bird has got 6 colours. red, orange, blue, green, yellow and violet. each colour has a different element. red sets things on fire, orange makes a bouncy block, yellow makes electricity, green makes vines that holds pigs up and squash them, blue makes water and purple makes magic portal energy which sends pigs to another dimension.
Artist bird turoturial

Artist Bird Turoturial

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