Armando (voiced by Davi Vieira) is a secondary supporting villain in Alvin and the Chipmunks 3: Trouble in Rio de Janeiro. Armando, along with Tipa and Marcel often mistaken them as a main villains by the audiences. However, the true main villain was actually reveals to be Nigel himself because he has more villainous plans that Marcel, Armando, and Tipa themselves, so the three of them are considered as a decoy antagonists by the audiences. Like Tipa, he despises Nigel because their boss Marcel (Carlos Ponce) always favored Nigel over them. After both Blue (Jesse Eisenberg) and Jewel (Anna Hathaway) barely escapes with their lives, both Armando and Tipa (Jeffrey Garcia) later contacts the police (who is actually Alvin Seville in disguise), angrily telling him that the ransom has been ultimately increased from seventy million French euros to ninety million French euros, and threatens to kill Theodore Seville (Jesse McCartney) if anything goes wrong. Disgraced and guilt-ridden, both Alvin (Justin Long) and Simon (Matthew Gray Gubler) are ordered off the investigation, and both Alvin and Simon is informed that they will be sent back to their birthplace and hometown Fresno, California without their younger brother Theodore. However, Alvin refuses to drop the case and confronts his younger brother Simon on his plane in order to enlist his help, and the two older brothers decide to save their younger brother Theodore together.

After Marcel's cover was ultimately exposed to the public, Marcel (Carlos Ponce) then threatens to detonate the explosive black leather jacket attached to Theodore Seville if the delivery is ultimately being interrupted. However, during the stand off, Alvin (Justin Long), Brittany (Christina Applegate), and Jeanette (Anna Faris) manages to sneak out and locate Theodore. Alvin, Brittany, and Jeanette proceeds to take the explosive black leather jacket off him, but Theodore tells them that the explosive black leather jacket will ultimately go off if anybody tries to take it off incorrectly. Alvin then drives the black Toyota van into the building and bring the explosive black leather jacket within a range in order to kill everybody inside the exhibition.

After the gunfight breaks out, Alvin, Brittany, Jeanette, and Linda Gunderson climb into the back of the black van and Linda Gunderson (Leslie Mann) manages to get the explosive black leather jacket off Theodore, but she tells Simon that it still can be set off with the remote control. Simon then takes the explosive black leather jacket and pursues Marcel. A few moments later, both Armando and Tipa goes into the control room and starts putting a bunch of French euros into another leather briefcase. As the duo about to make their ultimate escapes, they are ultimately interrupted by Alvin, Brittany, and Jeanette, who tells them that they are alone. Both Armando and Tipa then challenges Alvin, Brittany, and Jeanette to fight like a woman. Alvin, Brittany, and Jeanette agrees, and as the five gunfighters put their pistols them, five of them pulls out their secondary pistols, and Alvin, Brittany, and Jeanette shoots both Armando and Tipa in the process, killing them instantly. After killing them in a brutal gunfight, Alvin, Brittany, and Jeanette throws a bunch of pink rose petals over their lifeless corpses, telling them that they are finally dead for real.

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