The Aqua Vacuum Bird (normally known as just Aqua Bird; named Lebam) is a daring bird who is ready for anything. Lebam was found in the distant jungles of Angry Birds Island then lost again in Green Eggs and ham.He is Screaming Bird's brother.
Aqua Vaccum Bird
Aqua vaccum bird
General Info
Powers Suck The Structure Like A Vaccum
First Level Appearance: Green Eggs and ham 1-15
Gender: Male
Species: Parakeet
Locations: Many Since Green Eggs and ham
Strength: Strong
Size: Medium


  • Lebam is one of the young birds.
  • He is friends with the Slapping Brown Bird.
  • He lives in the jungles.
  • Lebam's design changed to a more "parakeet" look for toons comics,and new games only.
  • He can suck up 45% of the pig's structure.



Pull Back:Eck!



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