the teaser image for the reveale of the juicey jungle

this is a game whats a croosover with angry birds and papa pear saga


the birds where happy the pigs were not in there world but at night the pigs got the eggs in the moning the birds saw a portel to papa pears


red  1-1

blues  1-16

chuck 2-1

bomb 2-10

papa pear (bounces of pigs) 2-23

matillda  3-5

al 3-30 (boss battle)

terence 4-24

bubbles same as terence

pink bird 5-1

icey bird (get 3 stars on evey level)


minion pigs (acorn pigs)

helmet pig

moustache pig

king pig

fat pig


portel (boss none)

pear island (boss helmet pig)

pierets of the pearaberen (boss moustache pig)

pearmids (boss fat pig)

vieggie volcanos ( boss king pig)

the juicey (boss king pig again)


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