angry birds overpowered 2 is a sequel to the hard game angry birds overpowered , in this game instead of having four levels , there are six levels , many people were angry thanks to this game

ABO2 logo

the logo

ABO2 spanish logo

the spanish logo

French logo

the french logo

ABO2 Jappanese logo

the japanese logo

Level selection

the level selection screen , as made by angrybirds720 , the orange boxes are levels , the green bar at the bottom lets you buy megeants the black square at the bottom lets you watch the angry birds toons episode hog roast , and the star at the bottom is a bonus level


  • blue bird ( levels 1 and 4 only )
  • red bird ( levels 4 , 5 , 6 only )
  • big brother bird ( levels 2 , 3 , 4 only )


  • foreman pig ( 1 )
  • obese pig ( 2 )
  • supermassive pig ( 3 )
  • ultra supermassive chef pig ( 4 )
  • ultimate gigamassive cyborg pig ( 5 )
  • 5 Year Old Mega Uber Super Ultra Hyper Megamassive Red-Eyed Monster Pig ( 6 )


there are bonuses in the game , there are two bonuses , the first one at the bottom is a video , the video is the angry birds toons episode hog roast , to earn this you have to beat the game without any stars , and the second one is a bonus level that takes place in space and there is a 9000 Year Old Ultra Mega Gigantic Ultramassive Giga Monster Pig in a bubble , you get 800 red birds , to earn this you have to beat level 5


on level one there are 50 foreman pigs and you have one blue bird , if you fail you can buy megeant for 19.99 $ , on level two there are 1000 obese pigs you get 1 red bird , on level three there is a supermassive pig in a castle , you get 1 terrence , on level four there is a ultra supermassive chef pig in a 1000-floor hotel and he's on the 1000th floor , you get 10 blue birds , on level five there is a ultimate gigamassive cyborg pig , you get 80 terrences , on the final level there are all the pigs you battled in the past five levels are in a castle , there are 50 foreman pigs , 1000 obese pigs , 1 supermassive pig , 1 ultra supermassive chef pig , 1 ultimate gigamassive cyborg pig , and 1 5 year old mega uber super ultra hyper megamassive red-eyed monster pig , you get 800 terrences , 500 red birds , and 200 blue birds

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