This game is released on Dec 3 2013.Episodes is up to 2021.But unfinished.


Seasons 1

1.Krismas christmas-Released on 12/3/13

2.Happy with hamhearts-On 3/2/14

3.Saints on cloves-On 4/11/14

4.East eggster-On 5/1/14

5.Hot n ham-On 5/31/14

6.Nighty festham-On 6/19/14

7.The Fall on hams-On 8/2/14

Seasons 2

8.Fatal hamtal dark-On 10/11/14

9.Sleigh ham bells-On 12/12/14

10.Angelham's Kiss-On 3/14/15

11.Glow clovers-On 4/10/15

12.Egg lovers-On 5/6/15

13.Tropisummham-On 5/30/15

14.Paper penham-On 8/5/15

Seasons 3

15.Day of the Darkness-On 10/19/15

16.Marry christhams-On 12/4/15

17.Sweet Sixteen-On 1/7/16

18.Year of the Cobra-On 2/12/16

19.Red revenge on heart-On 3/1/16

20.St.Patram's rain-On 4/12/16

21.The Revenge of the eggs-On 4/30/16

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