"They hatched into the wrong hands…"

Angry birds 3
765 × 554px
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Rovio & Activison

Release date

2 may 2016



Angrybirds 3 is set on the egg triplet's bday. The egg triplets

are Reddy, Rosa & Speedy. The flock was having a great time til the pig army came & kidnapped the egg triplets. The Bird squad had to get them back before the pigs eat chicken for dinner...

Bird squad

The bird squad is basically another flock.

The members of the Bird squad are Red, Chuck, Bomb, Stella, Silver, Howell [Hal], Reddy, Rosa & Speedy


Cards are back.

Returning birds from the bird squad have brand new powers!


All 8 members of the bird squad get a special power here theyre listed

Red: While launching tap Red to summon the blues to help out

Stella: Tap Stella to transform her self into a bubble to bounce around areas

Silver: While ready to launch tap Silver to teleport to a location

Chuck: Tap chuck while in the air to go 3x as fast

Howell: Tap to take a big bite out of a pig!

Reddy: Makes a Cuteness wave when taped at

Rosa: Explodes into cuteness bubbles when tapped

Speedy: Tap to go 2x as fast as any other bird as well 2x damage!


Bomb is now an upgrade if you purchase him he blows up every

Bandicam 2015-08-01 00-42-31-849
Bandicam 2015-08-01 00-42-06-882
Bandicam 2015-08-01 00-42-40-318
Bandicam 2015-08-01 00-42-22-986
Bandicam 2015-08-01 00-42-46-165

single pig & makes you pass the level with 3 stars!

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