Angry baby birds it's based on Angry Birds when they are babys to attack baby pigs.Note:the baby piggies steal his brothers that are not hached.In the mighty eagle corner it's a litle eye that if you tap it will appear sardine conserve and when you shoot it on the baby piggies mighty eagle's baby appears.Next to the baby eagle's eye it have red's picture(adult).When you tap on the red's picture,the father or mother of the bird appears and the baby go home. In the game vas not introducted the blues because in the classic game are arledy too yang.Because of that,the blues aren't hached yet.


Baby red:sqacks

Baby chuck:sqacks

Baby bomb:explodes

Baby matilda:sqacks

Baby terecce or red:Because terecce in the classic game are the adultest bird now are the original red bird.

Baby Hal:sqacks

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