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The Joker (middle) a villan that will appear in Angry Villans.

Angry Villans is the sequel of Angry Heroes. It is from the pigs (villans) point of view. It will come out in January 2012.


The Joker- sprays out laughing toxin when clicked, and when launched, he starts laughing maniacally.

Lex Porker- Has a special suit that causes more damage.

Weather Wizard- Weather Wizard's weather staff shoots out lightning when clicked.

Hector Hammond- When Clicked, lightning comes out of his huge forehead.

Pigson Ivy: When clicked, poison starts spraying out.

Unlockable Pig

If you buy an Angry Villans plush toy, it gives you a code to unlock Porkseid, who when clicked shoots lasers out of his eyes.


  • Apple devices
  • iOS
  • Wii
  • Xbox 360
  • DS
  • Gamecube
  • Google chrome
  • PC
  • Mac
  • Samsung Galaxy

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