Angry Rebels is the second episode of season 1 of Angry Birds: The TV Show.


Blue Jay is reading a Star Wars comic, critizing it for the lack of birds, when he decides to write a comic to "rebel" against the lucasarts company. He comes up with a name, "Angry Rebels", because everyone in his family was angry all the time.  While he writes it, he changes some bits of the story. After he writes it, it becomes so succecful it is turned into a movie, and then it is shown to the veiwers.

Red Plycawker was on the city of BirdyWorld when he sees a bunch of sand pigs and then he is punily beaten by them. Then he wants Boomer Bomb Blamoomi, who teaches him the ways of the energy. Then they ask Chuck Birdo and Groaning guy to help them find Queen Stella Organs. So they go on the Life Moon to defeat the evil Farth Baker. Then Chuck Birdo is killed by a lightsaver stick that crushes him to death. Then, Farth Baker pops up out of nowhere so they steal the Illuminum Raven with Queen Stella Organs, and rush to the planet Cold and discover that they can heal back Chuck Birdo, and he is revived by a powder known as "Anti-Disney". Then giant GB-GBs pop up and shoot everywhere with terrible aim, even shooting themselves. Then, Farth Baker kidnapps Boomer Bomb Blamoomi and threatens to blow up one company at a time if he is not given P-693 and Par too Dee Doo. Plycawker refuses, and Farth Baker blows up Disney, Fox, ESPN, and Hollywood, though Groaning Guy claims it's not a company, it's an evil corporation. Then Farth Baker accidently blows up the Life Moon, and then he swears to get revenge for no reason, and flies away.

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