"The world is going to end on 12/21/2012".

- The Pigs


The Pigs are telling the Angry Birds lies, which make the birds scared, but they find out they are all lies later on by doing a truth or dare to prove if it's true or false...but only if you give them a egg.


A pig tells you a lie. You then do a truth or dare to see if it's true, or false. If it's true the birds get a egg back. If it's false, then the birds lose a egg. If you lose all the eggs, it's game over and the lies become true and they cook all the eggs. You can restart though on the episode you were on.


There is also a shop to buy more Eggs.

Easter Eggs/Secrets

1.If you buy about 30 eggs, you get a Golden Egg to put in a collection.

Angry Lies

2.Do the Konami code in the Chrome version and you open up a hidden cheat code menu.

Cheat Codes

These will only work on the Chrome version.

1.LYINGPIG9329:It will beat the current level you're on. It only works once, though.

2.TRUEORFALSE:Get a extra 5 eggs.

3.IDAREYOU189:Get a Golden Egg.

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