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Angry Indigo: The Rise of the Spice Pig is a fan-made game.


The Flock was trapped for the third time after trying to defeat the Spice Pig. Team Indigo Bird's group finally came to the Angry Birds World and saw that The Flock was trapped and the eggs were stolen. The Indigo Birds was Angry that the real birds were trapped and caged that even they know that they are good at destorying the hardest pigs.



  • Indigo Bird- The first bird you met. It performs Indigo Blast that can turn pigs into flames
  • Slam Bird- It can Shoot Rockets and gets speed from the rocket.
  • Martix Bird- Flys around the pigs so that he can make them hypertinoze
  • Sliver Bird- It can spins and when hit two times, he explodes into stone.



  • The loading screen has a Indigo Bird vs King Pig. Is this true?


Coming Soon

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More coming soon!

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