Angry Female Birds it's based on Angry Birds but only witch female birds and pigs.(exept in cut-scences that appear and male birds and pigs too).


Angry Female Birds

Female Red Bird-sqacks

Female Blue Bird-splits into 3

Female Yellow Bird-speeds up

Female bomb bird-explodes

Female White Bird-drops a female egg bomb

Female Boomerang Bird-strikes back

Big Sister Bird-moans

Female Orange Bird-inflates

Female Mighty Eagle-destroy all the level

Angry Female Birds Seasons

All the birds are the same exept Female Mighty Eagle.She have a another character,the Female Mighty Dragon.

Angry Female Birds Rio

Too all the birds are the same exept a new ones:Jewel and a new enemy Female Nigel.

Angry Female Birds Space

Female Space Red Bird

Female Lighting Birds

Female Lazer Bird

Female Powerbomb Bird

Female Atomic Bird

Female Ice Bird

Female Space Big Sister Bird

Angry Female Birds Star Wars

Female Red Skywlker

Female Chuck Solo Bird

Female Rebel Pilots

Female Chewbaca


Female Pigs

Female Piggy Sisters

The Superest,Superest,Superest and SUPEREST BIRD!!!

Super Spy Female Bird

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