Angry Cowbirds is the game base from Cowboy Style. It was released July 1, 2012 but a beta release was available on June 26, 2012.


  • Cowboy Birds

    From left to right, Sherrif,Spliter,Speedy,Bomber,White,Spinner,Samba,Giant

    Sherrif - Bundle 1 pigs
  • Spliter - Split into 4
  • Speedy - Speed 2x faster than Yellow Bird
  • Bomber - Explode
  • White - Shoots egg bomb
  • Spinner - Change Directions
  • Samba - Moans
  • Giant - Increasing Size
  • Bubbly - Traps Stuff in Bubbles


  • Thief Pig
  • Gunner Pig
  • Mafia Pig
  • Hat Pig
  • Elder Pig
  • Leader Pig

Bonus Birds

  • Mighty Eagle2

    Mighty Sheriff

    Mighty Sherrif - Same as Mighty Eagle but cheaper but charge faster than Mighty Eagle it can be unlock by purchase only, it cost $0.99
  • The Dragon Sherrif - Same as Mighty Dragon but more looping than Mighty Dragon, and it is yellowish-green instead of orangeish-red. It's for free.
  • Mafia Bird - Use machine gun to kill all pigs can unlock by purchase only, it cost $1.90
  • Horse Rider Bird - Ride the horse and smash like a meteor can be unlock by get all stars in Thief Pigs
    Mighty Dragon Sherrif Version

    The Dragon Sherrif


1.Thief Pigs (released July 1, 2012)

2.Pigs Revenge (released September 28, 2012, adds Bubbly)

3.Ham Em' High (released November 14, 2012)

4.Kill the Stoler (released February 7, 2013)

5.Speed Fight (released May 13, 2013)

6.Pigs Killer (released August 4, 2013)

7. Rounding Up (released November 11, 2013)

Not Numbered:golden cowboy hats (18 to find)

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