Angry Cats is a game like Angry Birds


The pigs steal the Cat's kitten and the Cats get very angry. They meet the Angry Birds and they team up


Black cat:Screeches

Tiger cat: Speeds up

Leopard cub:Splits into three

Siamese cat: Explodes

Perisan: Drops a bomb

Maine Coon:Uses force

Calico kitten(app):Goes on a rampage,reusable

Scottish Fold(App):Same effect as the Mighty Eagle

Abbisynian: Chainsaw effect 

Alley Cats:Unknown Powers


1.Catastrophe 2. Cats and Birds 3. The Pigs Revenge 4. Look what the cat caught! 5. Caught!

6. Escape! 7. Alley Cats?! 8. Help! 9. The Pigs Destiny 10. A New Day 11. Golden Fishes 12. Golden Eggs

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