Angry Boys are a fictional team of slingshot heroes who protect their home from the evil Plungers.

List of current Boys

Rod- Rod is the dark red Angry boys whom when shot becomes enhanced with superhuman strength.Tap him twice for Anger Attack.

Basher- Basher is a light blue boy who can stretch any part of his body. Tap faster for a Multiple Stretch Attack.

Jack - Jack is the dandelion boy who summon rocks which can set themselves on fire. Tap on the flaming rocks to clone them for a Multiple Meteor Attack.

Twister- Twister is a plum boy who can join his legs for a boost in the air. Tap on him for a Twister Tap Attack.

Barry - Barry is a light green boy who can control plants. Tap on him for a Leaf Shot Attack

Boom - Boom is an orange boy who uses his explosive power to blow up enemies. Tap on him twice for his Explode Attack.

Angry Boys

Some of the Angry Boys

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