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Este juego Será Presentado el 9 de junio de 2015, Basando Fuera de Juego de PopCap Plants vs Zombies 2: Es Sobre Tiempo. En Este juego, deja Que las aves Atacan a Los zombis, o Llamados por loco, Dave De alguna manera el Walking Dead, "primo Una SUS muertos, y caminan, conseguirlo?". Los cerdos Sólo Aparecen en el Menú Principal Escenas y.


  • Red + Peashooter = Redshooter: Shoots feathers. Also known as Feathershooter. (100 sun) (unlocked Your House day 1)
  • Matilda + Flower = Flower Matilda: Shoots egg bombs and can also give you stars for more power. (50 sun) (unlocked Your House day 2)
  • Reddy + Walnut = Reddy-Nut: Shoots out nuts, and is strong, but not stronger than Terenut. (50 sun) (unlocked Your House day 3)
  • Terence + Tallnut = Terenut: Shoots out a nut bolt, and is very strong. (125 sun)
  • Potato Mine + Bomb = Bomb Mine: Explodes on contact, place them far ahead of zombies. (50 sun) (unlocked Your House day 4)
  • Hal + Bloomerang = Halmerang: Just like Bloomerang, it shoots boomerangs, but in different directions. (150 sun) (unlocked Ancient Egypt day 4)
  • Iceberg Lettuce + Ice Bird = Ice Bird Lettuce: Freezes on contact. (0 sun) (unlocked Anicent Egypt day 6)
  • Doom Shroom + Mighty = Eagleshroom: Destroys ALL zombies on screen! (premium, must be purchased)
  • Twin Sunflower + Matilda = Twin Flower Matilda: Gives you twice as much sun, and shoots twice as much egg bombs than Flower Matilda (100 sun). (unlocked Ancient Egypt day 23)
  • Cabbage-pult + Egg = Egga-pult: Shoots hard eggs from a 'catapult'. (100 sun) (unlocked Ancient Egypt day 2)
  • Grave Buster + Crow = Grave Buster Crow: Removes graves so you can make more room for birds. (0 sun) (unlocked Ancient Egypt day 10)
  • Bonk Choy + Ninja Chuck = Bonk Chuck: Punches zombies. (150 sun) (unlocked Ancient Egypt day 14)
  • Repeater + Coal = Coalpeater: Shoots feathers two at a time, but the feathers are black instead of red representing coal. (200 sun) (unlocked Ancient Egypt day 17)
  • Kernel-pult + Timothy = Goo-pult: Shoots sticky goo at zombies. (unlocked Pirate Seas day 2)
  • Snapdragon + Mighty Dragon = Mighty Snapdragon: Breathes fire in an area in front of it, koi fish summons it when used with Bird Seed (unlocked Pirate Seas day 3)
  • Spikeweed + Unnamed Green Bird = Birdweed: Breaks 1 rolling object, hurts zombies that step on it (unlocked Pirate Seas day 5)(must be smashed three times by Gargantuars to be defeated)
  • Spring Bean + Unnamed Light Green Bird = Spring Bird: Springs a zombie back into the water when near it (it can only do that when it is on the nearest tile to the water, or else the zombie could eat it.) (unlocked Pirate Seas day 9)
  • Snow Pea + Ice Red Bird = Snow Red: Shoots frozen feathers that slow down zombies (buy with coins or unlocked Ancient Eygpt day 25)
  • Torchwood + Fire Bird = Torchbird: Allows feathers that come through it to be on fire (buy with coins or unlocked Pirate Seas day 10)
  • Coconut Cannon + Unnamed Coconut shaped Bird = Coconut Bird Cannon: Shoots a explosive coconut when tapped.
  • Threepeater + The Blues = Bluepeater: Shoots three peas and each one goes in the nearest lanes (where it is placed)
  • Spikerock + Durian Bird = Spikedurian: Breaks 3 rolling objects, hurts zombies that step on it (must be smashed seven times by Gargantuars to be defeated)
  • Monster Bird/Space Terence + Squash = Monster Squash: Smashes a nearby zombie.
  • Power Lily + Stella = Power Stella: Creates one Bird Food, then blows a bubble and flies away off the screen.


  • Your house
  • Ancient Egypt
  • Pirate Seas
  • Wild West
  • Far Future (Release Feburary 29, 2016, April 21, 2016)
  • Dark Ages (Release Unknown, possibly June 30, 2016)


Player's House

  • Day 1: Don't let the zombies reach your house
  • Day 2: Ditto
  • Day 3: Ditto
  • Day 4: Ditto
  • Day 5: Don't lose any lawn mowers

Ancient Egypt

  • Day 1: Don't let the zombies reach your house
  • Day 2: Complete the level with Bird Seed
  • Day 3: Don't let the zombies reach your house
  • Day 4: Ditto
  • Day 5: Complete the level by using Power-Ups
  • Day 6: Don't place any birds on Dave's mold colonies
  • Day 7: Match the symbols to destroy the zombies
  • Day 8: Survive a massive attack in this level, complete the level without any lawnmowers
  • Day 9: Don't let the Mummy Jack-in-the-Box Zombies destroy more than 1 bird

App Store Description

The Angry Birds had arrived with a brand new problem: Teleporting. After the plants from Plants vs. Zombies gone on vacation, Chuck the Yellow Bird heard a noise and teleported. The other birds noticed it and then teleported too, thus bringing them into the world of Plants vs. Zombies. Now the Angry Birds are our only hope for survival of the brains and the eggs. Discover amazing new powers from birds that wipe out zombies in a flash.

ANCIENT EGYPT - This place is the place of the Sphinx and the Pyramids, or is it? Bad enough to know zombies have been mummified to protect their skin. Discover new zombies: the Gargantuar Mummy, Pharaoh Zombie, Explorer Zombie and others. Watch out for graves - it takes a while for birds to destroy these.

PIRATA SEAS - ARGGHH !! Tiembla las maderas, Vamos a caminar por la plancha de pirata Seeeaaass..argghh !! Sus Compañeros de las Aves y Los zombis de Molestos de han viajado a la Era de la Piratería ... Es Que El Numero? Lo A A que sea. Los zombis se han de piratas de Convertido en Sólo por el gusto de Hacerlo. Hacer Que SUS aves Tienen Habilidades Piratas Parr Acabar Con Los Difíciles. Cuidado con el agua - no Se Puede plantar en Ellos. ESTO VA Una Ser Una explosión! Arghhh !!!

porcinos zombis

casa del jugador

cerdo raso
cerdo cono
cerdo cubo
cerdo abanderado

antiguo egipto

cerdo RA
cerdo camello
cerdo levantatumbas
cerdo faraon
esfinje letal cerdobot

mares piartas

cerdo pirata
cerdo gaviotero
cerdo capitan pirata
loro porcino
corsario cerdobot




  • Spikedurians (based off Spikerocks)
  • son un bi
  • t more stronger than twice of the health of Birdweed (based off Spikeweeds) while usually the Spikedurian is twice the health of the Birdweed.

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