Blockheads vs. Flock

Steve uses his super punch, but then Matilda jumps and lays a bomb egg. B-0, F-1!

The Creeper explodes, then respawns, then Bomb K.O'S him down! B-0, F-2!

Red faces Ghost, but the invisible pixeler just scares Red away! B-1, F-2!

The Blues vs. 3 villagers, but while the birdy trio are discussing, the pixelligers hit 'em! ITS A TIE!

Final round- King Bird vs. Ender Dragon. While Ender is charging, King Bird hits him a Go Away Strike. The Birds Win!

Flock's Speech

Yay: We won the battle vs. those pixel creepies!

Nay: Those Three and Hal didnt cooperate! BOO!

Pixel Speech

Yay: We scared those Blues and that Red bird!

Nay:WE LOST!!! Thanks to you, Ender Dragon!

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