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Angry Birds and Plants VS Zombies is the game based from Plants VS Zombies but Angry Birds and Pigs has been added


The Angry Birds were having a great day until... SOME ZOMBIES CAME!!!! and the pigs turned to zombies too. But then a guy said ACT NOW IM CRAZY!!!! then they found some plants. They have to get their eggs back and save everyone!!



All plants in Plants VS Zombies

there are some plants and zombies some zombies made by dr.zomboss and some plants sleep in day like mushroom.Coffee bean wake the mushroom.all plants do it day,night,pool,fog,roof.Zombie yeti made by a boss her name is Dr.Zomboss. Plants udgrades is 9.To find Crazy dave lose the zombvies ate your brains


Red Bird - Screams

Blue Bird - Splits into three

Yellow Bird - Speed Boost

Black Bird - Acts as a bomb

White Bird - Drops an egg bomb

Boomerang Bird - Acts as a boomerang

Big Brother Bird - Moans

Orange Bird - Inflates

Fire Bird - Blast fires

Ice Bird - Blast Ice

Laser Bird - Shoot Laser

Atomic Bird - Explode as atomic power

Drill Bird - Through pass everything and acts like a boomerang and throught pass things again

Cob Cannon Bird - Shoots corn

Gatling Bird - Shoot four peas

Cactus Bird - Shoot thorns

Big Cactus Brother Bird - Shoots 2 thorns

Spore Bird - Shoots spores

Doom Bird - DOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!! (Explode zombies in all lanes)

Cherry Bomb Bird - Acts as a bomb

Cabbage Bird - Flings cabbage

Kernel Bird - Flings corns and butter

Melon Bird - Flings melons

Winter Melon Bird - Fling freezing melonSu

Summer Melon Bird - Flings Hot Melon

Imitater Bird - Copy any birds ablity


Small Pig

Medium Pig

Large Pig

Giant Pig

Armor Pig

Mustache Pig

King Pig

Construction Pig

Cowboy Pig

Sherrif Pig

Miner Pig

Game Modes


Mini Games



Versus Mode (2P)

Boss Fight


Gallery of New Birds

ZomAngrybirds Zombies

ZomAngrybirds Zombies are the zombies that appear in ZomAngrybirds Mini Games


  • If you want to use Angry Birds you have to buy the slingshot.
  • You can use some Angry Birds without using slingshot
  • If you want to use Angry Birds on the ground you have to lost more 50 suns
  • Most birds can be used on the ground; the birds can't be used on the ground are Red Bird, Blue Bird, Yellow Bird, White Bird, Boomerang Bird, Big Brother Bird, Orange bird, Drill Bird.

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