Angry Birds Yogurt is a healthy food. It is made by Yoplait, Nestle and Rovio Mobile.


  • Red- Cherry
  • The Blues- Blueberry
  • Chuck- Lemon
  • Bomb- Blackberry
  • Matilda- Plain Yogurt
  • Hal- Lime +
  • Terence- Strawberry
  • Bubbles - Orange +
  • Icy - Ice +
  • Chet - Pineapple +
  • Pig - Kiwi
  • Mighty Eagle - Coconut
  • Mighty Dragon - Dragonfruit +
  • Speedy - Grape
  • Tony - Blue Raspberry +
  • King Pig - Lemon Lime +

(More to come!)

+ = Rare Yogurt

TV Commerical


  • (Angry Birds Wreck the Halls song starts)
  • Voice: Introducing Angry Birds Yogurt! The healthy food of Angry Birds.
  • Red Bird: (slurps) Cherry! (opens)
  • Yellow Bird: (slurps) Lemon! (opens)
  • Blue Bird: (slurps) Blueberry! (opens)
  • Black Bird: (slurps) Blackberry! (opens)
  • White Bird: (slurps) Plain! (opens)
  • Boomerang Bird: (slurps) Lime! (opens)
  • Big Brother Bird: (slurps) Strawberry! (opens) Ruff!
  • Orange Bird: (slurps) Orange! (opens)
  • Ice Bird: (slurps) Ice! (opens)
  • Brown Bird: (slurps) Pineapple! (opens)
  • Pig: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Kiwi! (yogurt hits pig, 5000 points text)
  • Mighty Eagle: (slurps) Coconut! (opens)
  • Mighty Dragon: (slurps) Dragonfruit! (opens, flys)
  • Lazer Bird: (slurps) Grape! (opens)
  • Mighty Dragon: (Drinking Sound), ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAR!!!, (Gong Sound, Flys).
  • Voice: Try Angry Birds Yogurt! Available at stores from Rovio, Nestle and Yoplat.
  • (Angry Birds Wreck the Halls song ends)
  • (Rovio Logo)
  • (Nestle Logo)
  • (Yoplat Logo)
  • (Commerical Ends)

(More to come soon!)


  • Starting when Grape Flavor came, the Angry Birds Yogurt flavors had new design


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