Angry Birds World is the fifth installment in the Angry Birds series. It was the second and last appearance of King Pig's Kids. It was the sequel to Angry Birds Vs. Pigs and was the prequel to Angry Birds Galaxy.
Angry Birds World

Angry Birds World.


After this time the pigs steal the eggs, they take them to a place days away from Piggania. Now the birds will ventue out into Piggy Planet.




  1. Mt. Fort Awesome
  2. Mighty Eagle's Cave
  3. King Pig's Castle
  4. Vanilla Bridge
  5. Jungle of Hallucination
  6. Strawberry Hills
  7. Chocolate Cave
  8. Block Island
  9. Valley of King Pig


  • This is the second and last appearance of King Pig's Kids.
  • Despite being replaced by Prince Pig, there are still future updates.
  • It not only is based on Super Mario World by the name, but because the kids of the final boss die when they are defeated.
  • Rovio stated that if King Pig's Kids ever appear again, it's because the game takes place before Angry Birds World.
  • It is on most Top 10 Best Angry Birds Games lists, and is at least #5 none the less.


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