Angry Birds Village is a puzzle/building game created by Rovio entertainment. It involves getting resources by completing levels to create houses in order to get villager birds, which can craft items to make power ups and as the game progresses, recuit members of the flock to get back the eggs.


Primarly, the game usually involves getting resources by completing levels to make houses and other primary buildings. A major role of this game is crafting, which is used to make new items that can make special buildings like chuck's nest or the powerup factory.

Angry coins

Angry coins are used to with resources to make buildings. They are earned by completing levels, the more stars you get, more coins you get. Alternatively, you can get them with Bird seeds or with real money.

Bird seeds

Bird seeds are used to speed up the progress of things, also used to buy things without resources. You can get them by mining them or buying them with real money.


By levelling up you can get "Eggspancions" by buying them with Angry coins. If all of them are bought you can get a traveling building and go to a new land.

Power ups

At level 10 you can get a power up building to make power ups.

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