Angry Birds Transformers is a new game by Rovio and will be released at on Summer 2013.

The first teaser for the game,Witch shows Omtimas 's eyes flashing



  • Optimus Prime Bird(replaces Red Bird)
  • Bumblebee Bird(replaces Yellow Bird)
  • Ratchet Bird(replaces White Bird)
  • Prowl Bird(replaces Black Bird)
  • Silverbolt Bird(replaces Green Bird)
  • Punch Bird(replaces Orange Bird)
  • Arcee Bird(replaces Pink Bird)
  • Bulkhead Bird (replaces Big Brother Bird)


  • Buzz Saw Pig(replaces Pig)
  • Cyclonus Pig(replaces Helmet Pig)
  • Snap Trap Pig(replaces Grampa Pig)
  • Megatron Pig(replaces King Pig)

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