1. Tropic of Life
  2. If Red Had a Popper
  3. Good File, Chuck!
  4. F.O.L.L.O.W.
  5. Pigs and Pigs to Stop Up!
  6. I'm the Troublemaker!
  7. Porker Team
  8. Trouble in the Hole
  9. Will Boomerangs Exist?
  10. Airborn
  11. Fright of the Black Egg
  12. AB-809
  13. Penthouses
  14. Punch the Pig
  15. Porky, You're Fired!
  16. Fire of Flings
  17. Blue Drops
  18. Matilda's "Punched" Juice
  19. No Bed Too Red For Red
  20. Zillionth Gift

Time Cards

  1. 9 seconds later (Tropic of Life)
  2. 57 flowers later... (Tropic of Life)
  3. Several Bonks Later (Tropic of Life)
  4. 82 minutes later... (If Red Had a Popper)
  5. 56 attacks later... (If Red Had a Popper)
  6. 6:45 AM (Good File, Chuck)
  7. 3 Weeks Later... (Good File, Chuck)
  8. Don't Ask! (Good File, Chuck)
  9. 32 Traps Later... (F.O.L.L.O.W.)
  10. About Tomorrow... (F.O.L.L.O.W.)
  11. 52 Hours Later... (Pigs and Pigs to Stop Up!)
  12. 49 Eggs Later... (I'm the Troublemaker!)
  13. Whatever! (I'm the Troublemaker!)
  14. 62 piggies later... (Porker Team)
  15. 43 Well-Traveled Days Later... (Porker Team)
  16. So much later that the angry birds killed the old narrator, so they hired Oso (Porker Team)
  17. 83 Plans Later... (Trouble in the Hole)
  18. 39 Years Later... (Trouble in the Hole)
  19. 52 Boomerangs Later... (Will Boomerangs Exist?)
  20. The Following Day... (Will Boomerangs Exist?)
  21. 77 Shoots Later... (Airborn)
  22. Unfortunatley... (Fright of the Black Egg)
  23. 1,199 years later... (AB-809)
  24. 85 Girders Later... (Penthouses)
  25. 24 Hours Later (Penthouses)
  26. 46 Cooked Eggs Later... (Punch the Pig)
  27. 13 Weeks Later... (Punch the Pig)
  28. 3 Weeks Later (Porky, You're Fired!)
  29. Ugh! I'm SO exsausted! (Porky, You're Fired!)
  30. 72 Hours Later... (Fire of Flings)
  31. 7 Days Later... (Blue Drops)
  32. Gaaaaaah! (Blue Drops)
  33. 12:48 PM (Matilda's "Punched" Juice)
  34. 28 seconds later... (No Bed Too Red For Red)
  35. Several Jail Puns Later... (Zillionth Gift)


  • They hired Special Agent Oso as the narrator in episode 7, but appeared in AB-809, the 12th episode.
  • Bubbles only had a cameo in "Punch the Pig", but not seen in ANY, just episode 14.

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