Angry Birds Toons Diaries Issue 1 is the first issue of Angry Birds Toons Diaries.


The Blues Takes the Stage

The nature - loving user Birds are high as Jim, Jake, and Jay enjoys a great gig with their music! But on the following day, the Blues notices the others are behaving weirdly. It’s almost as if they were doing something behind their back... Blues won’t put up with that, so they pack their bags and leave. However, they soon finds themselves in big trouble, and needs their friends and pride more than ever.

Matilda and the Adventure too Far

The Blues and the rest of the flock are getting tired of the chaos being caused by Matilda’s mischief, and order her to quit pranking for almost a whole week. Needless to say, Matilda thinks that is UNFAIR! Her problems don’t stop there – Matilda then ‘accidentally misplaces’ the pictures while drinking herbal tea. To save the pictures, Matilda will have to pull the best adventure ever known to birdkind!

Bubbles Had Enough!

As the beaches of Piggy Island washed the crates away, the nature-loving friend Bubbles decides to take action. His artistic side blossoms as he reuses the stuff inside to make great houses, objects and clothes for the Nature Flock's new life! He hadn’t reckoned on having to deal with the antics of his friends' adventures though… Can the birds work together or will the left - out former ruin everything?


The Blues Takes the Stage (Preview)

walking of the stage, something strange happened. Something that was about to spoil the whole evening. And guess who's behind it, dear Diary? Red. Oh yes. "Birds! Cheap, talentless birds! Your sound was like noise to my ears!" Red yelled as he stepped out from his nest. As he came forward, Red knocked over a couple of spectators, but he didn't care about them. "Not in my bird house, Red!" I shouted angrily, but Red just ignored and barged in instead. "I'm blinded." King Pig said as he hid under his instrument. Jim and Jake was twitching at the edge of the stage...

Matilda and the Adventure too Far (Preview)

But don't let it be said that Matilda isn't up for a challenge. Oh no, I will prove the Blues wrong by not getting bored for a whole day and then they'll have to change their mind, won't they! Won't they?


Its AMAZING how fascinating staring at the water for a WHOLE HOUR can be. For example, I can tell you it has seventeen leaves and one of them is orange, plus one leaf fell from the twig down two times. Which, like, WHAT IS THIS ABOUT? Seriously, what is it THINKING? Is it trying to do things on its own in our pristine home? Or it was just nothing by making sounds. Or perhaps the Blues are veteran younglings which they're Tricksters, which I agree is, like, important. Personally, I stretch my tail feathers and drink some herbal tea every morning with my friends.

Bubbles Had Enough! (Preview)


Yesterday I got up and went to the beach before sunrise. I wanted to paint the view from the beach - did I already tell you I love to paint like the rest of my friends? Well, anyway, I sat down and waited for the sun to appear from below the horizon so I could capture its hues as accurately as possible. I had just unpacked my paints and brushes when the sun's rays started to peek out from behing the ocean. It was so beautiful, for a moment the only thing I could do was gaze at it. Then I remembered why I was there and started mixing some paint colors. I had just done the outlines of the beach and the waves when I noticed a box crate that stood out against the sand. I didn't know what was inside. Anyway, I didn't have any time to waste. The sun was still rising, so I tried to focus on painting its colors.

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