This game has themes on so you can change it. This game will be preview on October 30 2012 and released on Novemder 18, 2012.


The birds sees the eggs and look after them but the pigs stole them. In many themes, they fell.







NOTE: The default theme is Angry Birds Edition. Other themes can be added but must edit this section. You can add themes but don't remove them.


NOTE: You can add seasons just like Angry Birds Seasons.

  • New Year Edition
  • Chinese New Year Edition
  • Valentine Edition
  • Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival Edition
  • St. Patrick Edition
  • April Fools Edition
  • Good Friday Edition
  • Easter Edition
  • Anzac Day Edition
  • Summer Edition
  • Moon Festival Edition
  • Halloween Edition
  • Thanksgiving Edition
  • Christmas Edition


NOTE: You can add countries.

  • USA Edition
  • UK Edition
  • Canada Edition
  • Australia Edition
  • China Edition
  • Jamacia Edition
  • Japan Edition
  • Vietnam Edition
  • North and South Korea Edition
  • Thailand Edition
  • Italy Edition
  • Fiji Edition


NOTE: You can add elements.

  • Fire Edition
  • Earth Edition

Non-Angry Birds

NOTE: Add non-Angry Birds series and NO fanon stuff, kindergarten stuff, Polly-Barbie stuff and YouTube stuff.

  • Rio Edition
  • Mario Edition
  • Sonic Edition
  • Club Penguin Edition
  • Plants vs. Zombies Edition
  • Minecraft Edition
  • Cut the Rope Edition
  • Wheres My Water? Edition
  • Snailed Edition
  • The Legend of Zelda Edition
  • Kirby Edition
  • Pokemon Edition
  • Donkey Kong Edition
  • Yoshi Edition
  • Wario Edition
  • Diddy Kong Racing Edition
  • Super Smash Bros Edition
  • Spongebob Squarepants Edition
  • Tom and Jerry Edition
  • Pink Panther Edition
  • Elsword Edition
  • Hello Kitty Edition
  • My Melody Edition
  • AKB48 Edition
  • Hello! Project Edition
  • Metal Gear Edition
  • Star Fox Edition
  • Metroid Edition
  • Mother Edition
  • Fire Emblem Edition
  • Golden Sun Edition
  • Kingdom Hearts Edition
  • Super Monkey Ball Edition
  • Billy Hatcher Edition
  • Skunk Fu Edition
  • Redwall Edition
  • Droppy Edition
  • The Ant and the Aarvark Edition
  • Mickey Mouse Edition
  • Winnie the Pooh Edition
  • Cars Edition
  • Toy Story Edition
  • Tiny Village Edition
  • Tiny Zoo Friends Edition
  • Tiny Pets Edition
  • Tiny Monsters Edition
  • MyTown 2 Edition
  • MyTown: Animals Edition
  • Early Bird Edition
  • Microsoft Edition
  • Apple Edition
  • Nyan Cat Edition


  • Space Edition
  • Ninja Edition
  • Monster Edition
  • Bunnies Edition
  • Wild West Edition
  • Movie Edition
  • Nationality Edition
  • Profession Edition
  • Superhero Edition
  • Anime Edition
  • Music Edition
  • School Edition
  • Birthday Edition
  • Holiday Edition
  • Olymipics Edition


  • This is the only game which has more than one theme.
  • This is the only game has all birds on it.


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