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Angry Birds The Lost Galaxy is the newest game from AllanofAmerica Productions. It will be released on April 24th, 2021.


After supposedly defeating the Pigs in Angry Birds Space's Danger Zone, the Birds are again sucked into a wormhole. When the wormhole spits them out, they find themselves in a distant galaxy controlled by the Pigs. There are cities on planets, space stations orbiting stars, and a strange "Ring of Planets" around the galaxy. The Birds goal is to defeat the Pigs and get to the center of the galaxy so they can get back to the Milky Way Galaxy.

Good Guys

There is an all-new character, and it is a Pig! Meet Hambone, a defected Pig who thought controlling the Lost Galaxy was wrong and inhumane. He first appears in Level 5-5.

  • Super Red Bird - screams
  • Lightning Bird - splits into 3
  • Lazer Bird - goes in the direction you tap
  • Fire Bomb Bird - explodes
  • Green Monster Bird - uses raw strength to destroy things
  • Atom Bird - inflates, then deflates
  • Hambone (Pig) - shoots lasers

Bad Guys

  • Space Minions - they do nothing
  • Space Soldiers - they shoot lasers at you, but only in one direction
  • Cyborg Grandpa - he shoots highly concentrated energy beams
  • Galactic King - he is in the boss levels and is always in big machines
  • Obese Pig - Fat Pig evolved (more like devolved!)


  1. Rogue Shmouge
  2. Into Her Arms
  3. ?

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