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Angry Birds The Lord of the Rings

Release Date

November 1, 2019


iOs, Android, Holopads, PC, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung Galaxy, Kindle Fire, other tablets


Singleplayer, Challenge

Created by

Allan-Stark Industries™, Warner




Angry Birds Heroes of Olympus


Angry Birds The Hobbit

Angry Birds The Lord of the Rings is a new game by Allan-Stark Industries™ that happens in the middle-earth universe.


When the bird Red Birdins bequests his uncle's magic ring, he finds himself lost in an adventure he've always dreamed. With the help of the mage Gambombf, the loyal gardener Chuck Hamgi, the mysterious sword-master ranger Redagorn and a group of man in a hopeless quest to destroy the ring, or the world.

New Features

The birds can evolute for new visual and new special attacks, telepods can be used and so do holopads. Pork Side Mode is also playable


The Nine

  • Red Birdins - Red Bird (Frodo Baggins) - disappears with the ring. Later upgraded to attack with Sting and have resistance to shoots because of Mithril Armor. And upgraded in the last season to Iight dark paths.
  • Chuck Hamgi - Chuck (Samwise Gamgi) - Boosts. Later upgraded to targets direction with elven rope.
  • Gambombf the Grey - Bomb colored Grey (Gandalf the Grey) - use magic to levitate blocks. Later upgraded to Gambomf the White that the blocks goes directly to the enemies
  • Redagorn - Red colored dark grey (Aragorn) - attacks with sword. Later upgraded to attack with Anduril (that is a sword that could destroy ghost blocks, mordor blocks and even Mithril)
  • Halegolas - Hal colored yellow (Legolas) - shoots three arrows.
  • Gimles - Bubbles (Gimli) - throws axe.
  • Birdomir - Brown Bird (Boromir) - shields attacks and Gondor Trombet
  • Blues - Jay and Jake (Merry and Pippin) - split in two
  • Merry - Jay (Merry) - pushes structures with fishing rod
  • Pippin - Jake (Pippin) - erase fire with water bucket.


  • Matildeol - Male White Bird (Smeagol) - climb rocks
  • Farhogmir - Brown Bird (Faramir) - shield attacks and double-hand sword
  • Eggaladriel - Matilda (Galadriel) - launches a white energy to pigs
  • Stellarwen - Stella (Arwen) - uses elven magic to attract blocks
  • Eggrond - The Egg (Elrond) - uses elven magic to push his sword
  • Eowen - Stella colored light pink (Éowyn) - sword weaker attack
  • King Terencen - Terence (King Theoden) - spinning attack with sword
  • King of the Dead - Ghost Terence (King of the Dead) - Passes though blocks exept pigs
  • Soldiers of the Dead - Ghost Blue Birds (Soldier of the Dead) - Split in three
  • Mighty Treebeard - Mighty Eagle (Treebeard) - leads a ent army destroying everything on its path
  • Blue Porc - Postman Pig (Blue Orc) - Attack with Porc Sword
  • Gambombf's Mighty Fireworks - Mighty Dragon (Gandalf's Fireworks) - total destruction


  • Matildeol - Male White Bird (Smeagol) - climbs walls and throws fishes
  • Pigsauron - King Pig (Sauron) - attacks with Sauron's Mace
  • King of the Dead - Ghost King Pig (King of the Dead) - Disappear and teleport
  • Soldier of the Dead - Ghost Minion Pig (Soldier of the Dead) - disappear and dodge birds
  • Saruham - Professor Pig (Saruman) - uses dark magic to throw blocks away
  • Witch Pig of Angmar - General Stache (Witch King of Angmar) - flies with dragon
  • Hoguruk Hai - Corporal Pig (Uruk-Hai)
  • Porc - minion pigs (Orc)
  • Ring Wrhaighs - trooper pigs (Ring Wraiths)
  • The Hog in the Water - octopig (Watcher in the Water) - grab birds
  • Shelhog - Fat Pig (Shelob) - a half-spider half-pig creature.
  • Aghamdaur - Mage Pig (Agandaur) - troop leader in north
  • Hogrima Wormtongue - Chef Pig (Grima Wormtongue) - counciller of King Terencen
  • HorsePigs - minion pigs with horse costume (Horses) - fast movement
  • Balhog - (Balrog) sets on fire
  • Bacongreed - (Barongreed) 
  • Deniethor - (Denethor) can only die by fire.
  • Blue Porc - Postman Pig (Blue Orc) - Attack with Porc Sword

Telepods and Holopads

There are some characters from The Hobbit or The Simarillion that can be called into game by using telepods or creating new ones with holopads.

Telepod Characters

  • Bilbo Birdings - Red (Bilbo Baggins) - disappears with ring and attacks with Sting
  • Thorin Hogenshield - Chuck colored dark grey (Thorin Oakenshield) - lots of breaking with dwarven sword
  • Radagast - Plant Bird colored dark brown (Radagast the Brown) - Makes trees grow
  • Farin - Fire Bird (Farin the Dwarf) - Fire Scream
  • Eradan - Hawk (Eradan) - Point sword attack
  • Andriel - Female Atomic Bird colored purple (Andriel) - targets then attacks soundforces
  • Isildur - Red colored Brown-Grey (Isildur) - disappears with ring and attacks with Narsil (that can break Mordor Blocks)
  • The Necromancer - Unknown Bird/Pig (The Necromancer) - brings zombies to attack the enemies


The Fellowship of the Ring

The Two Towers

The Return of the King




  • King Terencen doesn't appears to be killed, just damaged
  • The game was considered game of the year of 2019
  • For the first time, there are lone blue birds.