A new bird

The Swamp Attack is where Stimpy Swamp Egg Piggies and Bunyip Pigs live. It is a game of creeks and leeks of

water. The creeks are dirty.


  • Creeks
    • Creeks-Chike Coperation - Bunyip Pigs goes into then and squeezes water to make stimpy swamp eggs and Swamp farts bigger
    • Egg Fart-Swamp Egg Pigs fart.
      • Interview
        • Kowl
          • Bunyip Pigs
          • Creeks
  • Swamps
    • Stinks-Skinks from creeks lay eggs and stink.
      • Interview
        • Kowl
          • Eggs
  • Birds
    • Red Bird
    • Yellow Bird
    • Fat Bird
    • Sowcho Bird
  • Pigs
    • Minion Pigs
    • Stimpy Egg Pigs
    • Bunyip Pigs
    • Corporal Pig
    • King Pig
    • Fat Pig



mp3 at

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