Angry Birds Superheroes was an Angry Birds game for iPhone, iPad and later the Wii U, Playstation 3 & 4, & Xbox One.


  • Rocket Red #4 (Red)
  • Blues Beetle (The Blues)
  • Chuckzam (Chuck)
  • Bombman (Bomb)
  • Matilda Marvel (Matilda)
  • Altom (Al)
  • Beast Bubbles (Bubbles)
  • Stelgirl (Stella)

Bird Abilities

  • Rocket Red #4= Fly Straight Forward, And If A Machine Is Tapped I'll Explode
  • Blues Beetle= Can Move Blocks Out Of It's Way
  • Chuckzam= Same Attack As Emperor Palpatine In ABSW2
  • Bombman= Throwing The Bombarang Like A Boomerang
  • Matilda Marvel= Same As Rocket Red #4, But Without The Machine Explosion
  • Altom= Become Bigger And Stronger
  • Beast Bubbles= Will Either Turn Into A Baby T-Rex, A Hammerhead Shark, Or An Eagle Depending On The Level
  • Stelgirl= Shoots 6 Stars At The Tapped Area

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