Angry Birds Stores is a game that features birds as game stores.


The pigs stole the golden eggs after 9 years of this game's release. The birds powers are extracted making the birds seems powerless. Then, Angry Birds game stores from any platforms became birds.

Store Birds

Google Play Bird- Throws an android phone containing birds from AB Rio and Space

Mac App Store Bird- Places a MacBook that shoots AB games icons

App Store Bird- Weaker than Mac App Store Bird. Places an iPad that creates a slingshot that shoots AB Birds.

Blue Stacks Bird- see Blue Stacks Bird

Windows Market Bird- Creates a portal that flings AB birds from any non-fanon games

Android Market Bird- Throws a sardine that makes the Mighty Eagle come

Antagonists of the game

Freckled Pig

Helmet Pig

Iron Helmet Pig

Gale aka Bad Princess

Bubbles Blower

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