Willow was the most favourite character voted by the Twitter users so I am making a fanon story on it.

Treat "you" as you are one of Stella's best friends. Not Poppy, not Stella, not Luca, not Dahlia, not Gale, not an Artist Pig. "You" are a brand new Stella character just not to be named!


Willow was the most artistic bird in the Golden Island. Her special brush was a secret recipe to creating the most beautiful and livest artwork. Let her imagination come alive!

She wears an orange and yellow striped hat. It was her favourite hat. She seems to love it. You may not see her hair. She was shy, and the best thing you can do is to bring Stella and the rest of the friends on an adventure with her. If you were to pressure her and shake her off, well, she hides under her hat. She hides herself so low that you can't see any of her. Removing her hat? Sure, she will want it back. Make sure her friends and you are not around her. Otherwise, Stella will splash some paint onto your favourite toys! Better treat her with care. If you like her, why not paint alongside with her and share the artwork workspace with you and let the imagination pops out on your mind! River Valley, Golden Island, Volcano, Gale's Castle, and many more! Dahlia has made your new Treehouse for you to stay with them!

You woke up the next morning, fluffy clouds glide across the pale blue sky; the fading, subdued moon sits redundantly behind them. You went on with the fullest energy and grab some coffee and some refreshing grapes. Then you glide down to Willow's Tree House and her paintbrush and paint palette was left by her.The paint canvas was purely white. What would you do? You should decide. Paint something, or wait till Willow comes by, or do nothing. You have agreed to paint something but you have not much ideas that pop on your mind. Taking the paint brush and get some paint on that paint palette and start with a sweeping curve that represents your first step to expand your creativity.

Willow comes by, you had completed the curves and some details on that canvas, what will happen next? Let's find out.

Willow's pupils started to shrink, her mouth was wide open and her hair shoots up like a flash bang. She was stunned to find that you painted something interesting on the canvas. She will...won't stop you, she agreed to join the session with you. Swish! She has found a perfect bird to get accompanied with. She admires your style and abilities to present your foundation on your painting skills. Willow then gets her paintbrush, she joins in. She giggled with excitement.

All of the sudden your paintbrush broke into two. Totes not good! The work was almost done with the final touch of the Golden Island, just a little more hidden gems. You told Willow "Omar!" (I need a new paintbrush!) She gladly accepted your request and she gave a new one.

The masterpiece is finally completed. The sky was truly blue, setting at the correct hue, the greens are the best done by Willow, and the sweeping waves that represents the integral part of the beach area. What a beautiful sight on paper!

You had fun with the rest of the Stella's members. It was on later calmly night. moons and stars shine like a necklace. All of Stella's friends gathered at the main Tree-House area with the Critters. Stella stole the hearts of the audience, Poppy banged on whatever she can on as long as the it creates a perfect note, Luca on the trumpet blowing every single note, Dahlia on guitar, Willow on the piano and you? Flute! When I come to a point where Willow tapped on the C4 note and it doesn't sound what it expected. Everyone halt into silence. Willow tapped it again and the sound doesn't make what's it is supposed to be. You asked "What's wrong?" and Willow hides under the hat due to it. in the end you have ordered Dahlia to reconstruct the piano and it syncs pretty well with the tune. Willow then comes out of the hat and plays it and the whole atmosphere was rich with musical notes that travels towards the critters ears!

On your Tree House, you wrote a diary. Things happening today almost flows like water and you wrote the events happened today from A to Z. Willow was sleeping her own Tree House and you have finished the last final sentence of the diary. Slept on the heavenly bed that Dahlia makes. At least it turns out to be a quality build. Sweet dreams!

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