"Well, I guess you CAN teach an old bird new tricks!" -Stella, in the cutscene where the Rage Chili is introduced

Angry Birds Stella: Dark Memories is the next game in the Angry Birds Stella series.


Ham'O'Ween - Angry Birds Seasons Music-001:16

Ham'O'Ween - Angry Birds Seasons Music-0


Princess Gale returns, and, with the help of Magacia, transforms Piggy Island into Gale Island, which houses Princess Gale's Kingdom on top of what used to be Hog Head Mountain.


  1. Bird Perch - 30 levels
  2. Sunshine Clearing - 30 levels
  3. Bad Piggies Research and Development Center - 30 levels
  4. Deep Space - 30 levels
  5. Mt. Hog Head - 30 levels
  6. Princess Gale's Kingdom - 30 levels
  7. Arena of Trials - 50 levels (Get 3 stars on every normal level)
  8. Golden Eggs - 16 levels (Collect one Golden Egg per level)

Special unlocking methods are in parenthesis.

Special Level Types

Flashback Levels: Marked by a thought bubble icon, these levels come every 5 levels if you have enough stars.

Specialty Levels: Marked by a star icon, these levels are optional if you get 3 stars on a level where you unlock a character.

Rage Chili

The Rage Chili replaces the mighty creatures in this game. Instead of an eye symbol or others, there is a Rage Chili. You must first buy it for 99 cents, then you get 10 uses. Every day, 5 Rage Chilis are given to you if you have one or more left. To use the Rage Chili, tap on it, then the eyes of the bird in the slingshot are replaced with flames, they will appear much angrier, and the screen will darken except for an orange glow around the bird. When tapped, the bird will use its Super Power and Mexican music will begin playing until the Super Power is done. Then everything returns back to normal.

Playable Birds

Image Name In-game Description Ability/Abilities Unlocked In Used In
Stella Happy
Stella "The main hero of this adventure! It IS Angry Birds Stella, after all.

Speeds up when tapped and rebounds off walls.

Super Power: Blows bubbles that lift objects off the screen.

Bird Perch-1 Every normal level
Poppy "Poppy is a very happy, caring, and kind bird. One of these days, however..."

Locks on to targets.

Super Power: Explodes when hitting a block or pig.

Bird Perch-7 Every Bird Perch level after unlocking, most other levels
Luca "Luca loves being loud and adventurous. Just don't say the word 'bath' when you're in the same room.

Sends out a sonic boom and skips over water.

Super Power: Creates a powerful sonic boom in the direction he is going. The sonic boom bounces.

Bird Perch-15 Every Bird Perch level after unlocking, most other levels
Willow "Willow loves to daydream. She daydreams so much, she says, that she has psychic powers, but no one believes her. 'One day,' she murmurs. 'One day.'

Can spin through blocks of any strength and break them for 3 seconds.

Super Power: Uses psychic powers to break the 5 strongest blocks on the screen. 

Sunshine Clearing-1 Every Sunshine Clearing level, some other levels
Dahlia "Dahlia is a great inventor. She even invented this Bird Information System. Amazing, isn't she?"

Phases through solid blocks without breaking them until a non-block is reached and kills pigs inside of them.

Super Power: Gives herself powerful armor, letting her break blocks more effectively.

Bad Piggies Research and Development Center-1 Every Bad Piggies Research and Development Center level, most other levels
Image needed: square-ish ABS-styled bird with light blue feathers, one jagged feather with a yellow tip and steampunk goggles Shockley "Shockley isn't very machine-friendly. The last time Shockley tried to use a socket, there was a power outage for a day."

Disables the nearest pig machine.

Super Power: Lightning strikes around the area with the most pigs.

Bad Piggies Research and Development Center-15 Every Bad Piggies Research and Development Center level after unlocking, most other levels
Image needed: futuristic-looking purple-ish ABS-styled bird with square feathers Cosmo "Cosmo isn't actually a bird. He's a cross between a Martian and a pufferfish."

Orbits just outside of gravitational fields. When tapped, he'll slam into the ground, creating a shockwave.

Super Power: Gains his own gravitational field, pulling and popping pigs. The field does not effect birds.

Deep Space-1 Every Deep Space level, Princess Gale's Kingdom-30
Ice "After saving his home planet, Ice travels around space, looking for others to save."

Freezes blocks and pigs upon explosion.

Super Power: Creates a giant ball of ice around him and smashes around the screen.

Deep Space-10 Every Deep Space level after unlocking, some other levels
Image needed: Red-sized orange ABS-styled bird with two feathers, the tips of which on fire Esla "If you mention a certain frosty princess anywhere around Esla, you'd better be fast. Fast and fireproof."

Shoots 3 fireballs and instantly destroys wood.

Super Power: Breathes a long stream of fire that burns wood and melts glass. 

Mt. Hog Head-1 Every Mt. Hog Head level, some other levels
Terence "He doesn't want to talk about it."

Is immune to almost anything launched at him.

Super Power: Becomes the Wingman for 2.5 seconds, smashing any block type with ease.

Princess Gale's Kingdom-1 Every Princess Gale's Kingdom level
Red "Stella's love interest, but be quiet about it. If he knew, he'd flip."

Makes various battle cries.

Super Power: Dons his Angry Birds Space mask and dashes forward at incredible speeds.

Princess Gale's Kingdom-30 Princess Gale's Kingdom-30


Image Name In-game Description Ability/Abilities Seen In
Porky - Bad Piggies 2
Freckled Pig "He's not exactly the best at anything, but he's sure dedicated to what he does." None. Bird Perch-1
Helmet Pig "Helmet Pig can't hear you. His helmet is too thick." Has more heath than normal and takes less damage from attacks from above. Bird Perch-5
Commander Pig "Commander Pig never gives up. EVER."

Laser gun (1st battle)

Laser gun, summon pig vehicles (2nd battle)

Laser gun, summon pig vehicles, flight, 3-direction cannon (3rd battle)

Bird Perch-7, Bid Perch-15, Bird Perch-30
Foreman Pig "Foreman Pig considers himself the best pig of all time. Just don't say that to King Pig." May occasionally summon 3-5 Freckled Pigs and has more health than Helmet Pig. Bird Perch-10

*a backgroundless picture would be appreciated*

Costume Pig "It's been debated for a long time if Costume Pig could be a bird calling himself a pig or just a pig in a bad costume." Takes no damage from direct bird hits and has slightly less health than a Helmet Pig. Sunshine Clearing-1
Imgres (22)
Shiny Pig "Shiny Pig is so bright, he has to wear sunglasses." Blinds birds near him, altering their course. Sunshine Clearing-15
Imgres (23)
Psycho Pork "pSyChO pOrK!!!1!!11!11 Levitation, moving objects with mind, forcefield, and psychic pulse. Sunshine Clearing-30
Mechanic Pig "Mechanic Pig has been accused of leekspinning, though he denies all charges." Creates and fixes vehicles and blocks. Bad Piggies Research and Development Center-1
Brainiac Pig
Braniac Pig "Brainiac Pig knows he's in a video game, and is creating a glitch to get himself out. 'It will only take a few more days,' he says." Is immune to every special ability. Bad Piggies Research and Development Center-10
Image needed: silver pig with red pupils Baconbot


Zaps birds that get too close to it. Shockley is immune to this. Also has the same health as Helmet Pig. Bad Piggies Research and Development Center-20
Image needed: Baconbot on top of a weaponized body made from steel blocks and V8 motors Baconator "ERROR 404: JOKE STILL NOT FOUND" Missiles, swats, bombs, zaps, and summoning pig vehicles. Bad Piggies Research and Development Center-30
185px-KPM Large Minion Pig

"Please replace me with a better picture!"

Gravpigty "The eyes. Do not look into the eyes. THE EYES." Makes structures orbit around it. Deep Space-10
Alien Pig "

Alien Pig hates cats. Wait, translation error. Alien Pig EATS cats. "

Laser gun, tractor beam, summon pig vehicles (that look like other UFOs) Deep Space-30
Image needed: rocky pig with a volcano top Volcanic Pig "It's just a matter of time until he blows his top." Erupts when birds are above him. Mt. Hog Head-1

"'Ala-ka-shazam!' That's the sound of a great wizard doing what he does best."

Shoots a single fireball when uninjured, but makes a rain of fireballs when injured. Mt. Hog Head-10
Image needed: orange flaming pig that looks kind of like the Golden Pig Fireball Pig "He hates it when people call him hot." Burns birds that touch him. Mt. Hog Head-15
Image needed: Fat Pig turned star Alpha Oinktaur "I am a robot typing this joke. All organic life near him died, so I had to do it. Get ready for the best joke ever: he is 'hot'." Solar flares, summoning Volcanic Pigs, Pyropigs, and Fireball Pigs. Mt. Hog Head-30

Fat Pig

"He's just like Freckled Pig, only pigger." Can only be killed by large objects. Princess Gale's Kingdom-1

(Took This From A Sword Spirit Concept, Please Fix The Background!)

Corrupted Bird "Princess Gale's elite minions, who have many years of training." Launches itself at the nearest bird. Princess Gale's Kingdom-10
King Pig "This blubbering blubber is the leader of the pigs. It's kinda pathetic that he's getting pushed around by a bird." Being annoying, summoning pigs when hurt (by crying .-.), throwing pigs, and can only be hurt normally by Terrence. Princess Gale's Kingdom-30
Princess Gale
Princess Gale

"She denies all claims that:

a) she was friends with Stella at a time,

b) the crown is controlling her, and

c) she can be seen during the night stroking the crown and calling it her precious."

Summoning every non-boss pig, lifting objects with her mind, launching herself at birds. and creating a forcefield that can only be destroyed by Terrence. Princess Gale's Kingdom-30
Sad Pig "Sad Pig isn't bad, ony sad." You must do something for the pig, not kill it. Arena of Trials-1
Alert Pig
Siren Pig "BEE-DOINK BEE-DOINK BEE-DOINK!" Runs away from any threat. Arena of Trials-5

A name in bold indicates a boss.


  • This is the longest appearance of Gale.
  • Corrupted Bird closely resembles Sword Spirit, but his information is different (referring to Corrupted Bird) and proven false (referring to Sword Spirit).
This is SCP's page. Nobody can edit this without his permission.

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