Angry Birds Star Wars R2-D2 rescue

In the incredible galaxy of Star Wars , Anakin Skywalker and R2 - d2 fleeing the nature of the sith .Were leaving for coruscant when a shot hit r2 - d2 and knocked on tatooine .

In the jedi council , Anakin tells Obi - Wan , Yoda and Ahsoka Tano to r2 - d2 was probably captured by the Sith , departed from coruscant and were behind his droid most important

On the nature of the sith count dooku , palpatine and Asajj Ventress , found that the droid r2 - d2 gone to tatooine .After retrieving the apprentice darth maul , sent him to tatooine

In tatooine , r2 - d2 is refreshed from the intense heat , tusken raider almost got the time but escaped and hid behind a transport jawas where selling rare pieces

Anakin , Ahsoka , Obi - wan and yoda reach the ship and fight super battle droids with several until you arrive at the 3 sith covio

In tatooine darth maul comes and tries to kidnap r2 - d2 , but he escapes and ends up going straight to the nature of the sith , where everything happens

Jedi fighting the Sith , and save r2 - d2 .In coruscant celebrating the return of her beloved droidBut sith did not give in to pick up the contents of r2-d2

continues ...




Tatooine Natives:

Items, Naves, Objects, etc

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