Angry Birds Star Wars Online Is A 2D/3D MMO created by Rovio, Bioware and Greenbird730 games

Internet Address (Please don't try it, it wont work)


U.K Or Other:


The Battle Of Hoth (Republic Only) (Playable When Luke Is Added To Sqaud)

Battle Of Tatooine (Empire Only) (Playable When Jano Fett Is Added To Sqaud)

Death Star 2.0

Jabba's Palace

Cloud City

Jedi Temple Attack (Sith POV)

Jedi Temple Attack (Jedi POV)

More Coming Soon


Jedi Temple (Republic Starting Place, Jedi Class)

Rebel Base (Republic Starting Place, Rebel Class)

Death Star (Empire Starting Place, Sith Class)

Cloud City (Empire Starting Place, Bounty Hunter Class)

Hoth Mountain (Explorer Mode)

Hoth (Explorer Mode)

Tattooine (Explorer Mode)

Space (Explorer Mode)

Many Planets (Explorer Mode)

Republic Ship (Explorer Mode)

Tips On Defeating Bosses

Strike When They're Weak Or ignoring you.

Avoid Attacks.

Counter Attack Them.

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