Angry Birds Star Wars GO! is a crossover between Angry Birds Star Wars and Angry Birds GO!. You race like in the original racing game but play with the characters from ABSW.


  • Red Skywalker and his Sand Speeder
  • Princess Stella Organa and her Pinky Jedi Kart
  • Obi-Wan Kaboomi and his Use the Force
  • Chuck "Ham" Solo and his Blastermobile
  • Pigtrooper and his White Wheels
  • Seethreepi-yolk and his Robot Rotor
  • TIE Pilot and his TIE Fighter (duh!)
  • Artoo-Eggtoo and his ElectriCar
  • Lando Clarissian and his Lando Lander
  • Lard Vader and his Anti-Force Auto
  • Yoda and his Shorty Steerer
  • Emporer Porkatine and his Lightning Striker


  1. Tatooine
  2. Death Star
  3. Hoth
  4. Cloud City
  5. Dagobah
  6. Endor
  7. Death Star II

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