Angry Birds Space Toons is the third season of Angry Birds Toons, and a sequel of Angry Birds Toons 2. This shows the short season when the Angry Birds were in space.


This season appear all the characters of Angry Birds Toons and Angry Birds Toons 2 (except Matilda, Hal, Stella and Chef Pig).


  • Super Red
  • Lazer Chuck
  • Flash Blues
  • Power Bomb
  • Incredible Terence
  • Atomic Bubbles
  • Crystal(Ice Bird)
  • Esmerald(Pink Ice Bird )
  • Space Egg


  • Space King Pig
  • Space Foreman Pig
  • Space Helmet Pig
  • Space Minion Pigs
  • Fat Pig


Only 12 initial episodes have been revealed so far by Rovio:

  1. Finish in Pig Bang
  2. King Pig´s Idea
  3. Crystal´s Eggsteroids
  4. Super Sound Waves
  5. Flash Race
  6. A Girlfriend to Crystal
  7. Ice Power
  8. In Utopia
  9. Save the Eggsteroids!
  10. Atomic Bubbles
  11. The Skunk Bird
  12. Esmerald Ice

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