Angry Birds Space The Ancient Planets is a game where you travel to different planets like Earth.


Super Red Bird

Lightning Bird

Lazer Bird

Fire Bomb Bird

Ice Bird

Monster Bird

Atom Bird

Mighty Space Eagle

Space Egg

Comit Bird

Astronaut Bird


Small Minion Pig

Medium Minion Pig

Large Minion Pig

Helmet Pig

Moustache Pig

King Pig

Jolly Pig

Metal Pig


Pig Bang

Cold Cuts


Fry Me To The Moon

Red Planet

Pig Dipper

Danger Zone

The Piggie Way

Heat Wave


Comit Storm

Space Station

Oh, And One More Bird!

Kid Red Bird
General Info
Powers Screams And Goes Crashing Down On The Pigs.
First Level Appearance: 10-1
Gender: Male
Species: Cardinal
Locations: On The Planet Earth.
Strength: Small
Size: Medium

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