The photo that sparked the idea

These are fun lollipops in egg-shaped holders that you flip the switch on the back & bird lollipops come out the holes on the side. It sells for 99 cents if not at the Cold Cuts Merch Stand. (which is in the Rovio Shop, if you ask) there, it costs 20 cents for one.


  • Super Red bird: Cherry/Strawberry
  • Lazer bird: Grape
  • Lightning birds: Blueberry
  • Firebomb: Black Licorice
  • Pig: Kiwi
  • Mustache Pig: Also kiwi flavor, but with a bit of Orange
  • Terence: Apple
  • Orange Bird: Orange flavor with a bit of Black Licorice

PigSpress: For all your level-building needs

In the Cold Cuts Merch Stand, there is a room in plain sight that only pigs can enter because of an X-Ray fit into the door. There you can buy new extra-strength pops that are used if you don't have enough Pigos (currency at the Cold Cuts Merch Stand) to buy regular pops.

Flavors for Pigspress:

  • Metal King Pig: Stone
  • Baby Brown Bird: Wood
  • Ice Bird(Pig Press Version): Ice


Once the stand is published or you have a new flavor idea, you can edit the post to notify(I don't like to "own" the page)

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