Angry Birds Space Airlines
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Angry Birds Space Airlines is a game that can be only played in Airplanes. It is available for the ipad, ipod, iphone and android. It may cannot be played in PC or Mac. This app is upgradeable but, it can be payed for Angry Terance Bird.



  • Angry Super Red Bird
  • Angry Lighting Birds
  • Angry Laser Bird
  • Angry Powerbomb Bird


  • Angry Terence Bird
  • Angry Atom Bird

    The Level Selection icon (Angry Super Red Bird)

  • Angry Space Eagle
  • Angry Space Pigs
  • Angry Skunk Bird


  • Angry Ice Bird is not in this game because it was available in Angry Colored Bird series.
  • You can't buy it. This game only appears when you have Angry Birds Space and you are on a plane.
  • Unlike other Angry Birds games,this game requires an internet connection (Wi-Fi).
  • There is also a Airplane flights map.

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