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It was released in 2015.
Angry Birds Space 3


click for Angry Birds Space 4. This is a second sequel.




Bad Angry Birds Space Group

Space Birds in order (without Space Eagles and Space Dragons)

  • Super Red Bird - The classic Red Bird - Sharp sound and screaming "WAAAA!"
  • The Blues - The classic Blue Bird - Spliting into three.
  • Bomb - The classic Black Bird - Exploding.
  • Terrence - The classic Big Brother Bird - Moans.
  • Lazer Bird - The classic Yellow Bird - Lock on target.
  • Ice Bird - The new bird in Angry Birds Space - Freezing block (and pigs).
  • Atom Bird - The classic Orange Bird - Inflates.
  • Sakura Bird - The classic White Bird - Drops an Sakura egg bomb.
  • Mecha Bird - The classic Boomerang Bird - Moving backwards.
  • Lavender Lazer Bird - The classic Purple Bird - Fly in circles 3 times.
  • Old White Bird - The classic Old Blue Bird - Explodes with blue particles that kill Pigs and affect structures.
  • Space Eagles - The classic Mighty Eagle - Limited use Pops out of wormhole. Must to buy it before you use it. (Using a sardine can)
  • Space Dragons - The classic Mighty Dragon - Limited use Pops out of the wormhole. It is free for Bloom Out the Flowers only. (Using a red koi fish)
  • Mighty Ice Bird - He can freeze the entire structure.
  • Starbird - Like Laser Bird. Goes at the speed of light in the direction you tap.

Non-Playable Birds

  • Female Super Red Bird - The classic Female Red Bird.
  • Space bird (space suit)


  • Small Pig - The weakest pig
  • Medium Pig - Is stronger than the Small pig
  • Large Pig - Stronger than Medium Pig
  • Glasses Pig - Same strength as Medium Pig
  • Helmet Pig - Has a metal helmet for protection
  • Moustache Pig - King Pig's right hand men
  • Fat Pig - Chomping through grub all the time
  • King Pig - Leader of pigs and the strongest


  1. Pig Bang
  2. Bloom Out the Flowers
  3. Heat Wave
  4. Eggsteroids


  • This is the 3rd Space game.


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