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Angry Birds Space 2 (Angry3456) is Angry3456's version of Angry Birds Space 2, the sequel to Angry Birds Space. It'll come out on May 26, 2014. Boomerang Bird and Pink Bird might come to this game, as this is not confirmed yet.

Birds (for now)

Space King Pig Toy

A Space King Pig Toy looks just like a King Pig toy (the apptivity for Angry Birds HD Free and Angry Birds HD) but with an antenna. When put on the iPad screen, there will be four modes showing up: Space King Pig, Total Space Destruction, Space Material Mix-Up and Space Bird Frenzy.

Space King Pig

It'll just be like King Pig (level), but with the pigs from that mode. The normal Pigs (except Bowling Ball Pig, Beaked Pig and Female Pig) will wear space costumes that their bird version wears. The Ice Pig is new, looks like a Minion Pig, but the same colors as the Frozen Pig (no icicles) and there is also a new pig: The Antenna Pig (like a Minion Pig just with an antenna) that takes role of the Space Egg. Just like the original, you need to launch and destroy eggs.

Total Space Destruction

Same as Total Destruction, a tap on the screen does a small explosion. Explode on all of the pigs to win the level, but be fast, because you only have 10 seconds when you tap!

Space Material Mix-Up

Same as Material Mix-Up, wood can turn into stone, stone can turn into wood, etc. You have the beat the level with your normal birds.

Space Bird Frenzy

Same as Bird Frenzy, you can beat a level with unlimited birds! But it only can last from 30-50 secs, or 1 min for a hard level.


  1. Rock Planet
  2. Magmanus

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