Angry Birds Smash Bros: Brawl Of The Enemies is a fighting game. The Bosses are from the Angry Birds games. Also Special Effects are here and they are the birds' ablity in Angry Birds.


There is 3 orignal modes: Story, Melee and Challenge. The secret mode is All Stars.


The mode is a story and the birds goes on a adenvture to beat the enemies after getting mad that one of the enemies stole their eggs.


The Mode is a Mulitiplayer game. You can customize the battle in this mode up to 4 players.


The Mode is when you have to complete a challenge. If you win, you will get a star. Complete all of the challenges to get a secret mode "All-Stars"

All Stars

Unlockable Mode.


You can add birds.

Real Birds

  • Red Bird+
  • Yellow Bird+
  • Blue Birds+
  • Black Bird+
  • White Bird+
  • Green Bird (Bommerang)
  • Big Bro. Bird
  • Orange Bird
  • Ice Bird

Fanon Birds

  • Indigo Bird
  • Slam Bird
  • Metrix Bird (Aparnaa)
  • Sliver Bird (Aparnaa)
  • Mud Bird
  • Midnight Bird

+ = Starter Character

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