• Birds
  • Red Cooper - Makes whoosing noise
  • Chuckently - Tucks himself in shell and speeds up
  • Terray - Thunderflop
  • The Buru (Bubbles colored purple) - makes pigs good and come over to the slingshot to help you (POWER DOES NOT WORK ON BOSSES)
  • Bird King (Terrence colored white) - Speeds up due to firework and makes huge impact when hitting something.
  • Stenelope - Spin attack
  • Halmitri (Hal colored purple) - Grapple Gun
  • Starmelita Bird (Stella colored orange) - Electric Bazooka


  • Season 1: The Thievus Egg
    • Bacon of Terror
    • Sunset Pig Snout
    • Vicious Pigs
    • Eggs in the Sky
    • The Cold Snout of Hate
  • Season 2: Flock of Birds
    • The Black Pork
    •  Snorty Snout Encounter
    • The King Awakes
    • Jailbust
    • A Tangled Egg
    • He who Tames the Iron Bacon
    • Pig from the North, eh?
    • Bacon for Disaster
  • Season 3: Honor Among Birds
    • A Bacon of Fear
    • Bust Up Structures
    • Launch of Fancy
    • A Cold Flock
    • Dead Pigs tell no Tales
    • Honor Among Eggs

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