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Angry Birds Slingshot Warface is a game that is currently being created by GoldGames. It is available on Xbox 360 and Xbox 1 at the time.


Red Bird (This bird has normal stats. Unlocked before playing)

Blue Bird (A tiny range, but can work together to create a big punch. Working together takes a long time though, so make sure the other birds have you covered)

Yellow Bird (The bird has long range, with normal damage stats as well)

Black Bird (Similar to Blue Bird, but it has a little bit of a bigger range and creates even more damage. The problem? The bird has a long regeneration time to bring out the bomb in him)

White Bird (Can fight away pigs for not too long, but with a slingshot it can do great damage with egg bombs)

Boomerang Bird (The range is the same as Yellow Bird, but can do larger damage to groups of pigs)

Big Brother Bird (The bird has a tiny range, less of a range than Blue Bird, but can bring out the most damage of all the birds except for the Mighty Eagle)

Orange Bird (With one of the longest ranges, it can inflate to a giant size to show the pigs who is boss. The problem? He isn't too powerful)

Pink Bird (She has a normal range, and can create bubbles that absorb pigs and bring them to the skies of their doomsday)

Mighty Eagle (He has a 12 hour recharge time, but he can destroy everything on the field at once)


Minion Pig (A basic pig with no weapons. Nothing to be worried about)

Rifle Pig (We all knew he was coming. Rifle Pig can shoot rounds of bullets to bring birds to their dooms. The good thing is that he really is a Minion Pig after destroying the rifle)

Coporal Pig (A pig with a helmet that is hard to break. Good thing he doesn't have a rifle, or we would be doomed)

Rifle Coporal Pig (Of course, he had to be coming. A Coporal Pig with a rifle, he is a pig to look out for)

Foreman Pig (A pig with a mustache for whatever reason is harder to break than the metal helmet of Coporal Pig)

Rifle Foreman Pig (With a mustache like Foreman Pig and a rifle, he is a giant threat)

Hypnotist Pig (With the knowing of how to hypnotise, he can hypnotise your birds to join the pigs. For a few minutes anyways)

Rifle Hypnotist Pig (Why destroy birds with a rifle when you can hypnotise them? This guy is crazy)

Foreman Coporal Pig (The indestructible helmet of a Coporal Pig? The even more indestructible mustache of a Foreman Pig? This guy is almost impossible to destroy)

Rifle Foreman Coporal Pig (He must be the mini-boss or something. Of course, for all we know, he isn't. The creators of this game are crazy! And for all we know, WE are the creators of the game)

Cypig 2.0 (You know it's good when smoke is coming out of him. That means he is being destroyed. Or it means he is working hard and is creating a giant fire which destroys everything. Well, what are the odds? Thats all we know)

Rifle Cypig 2.0 (Doesn't he already have a rifle built into him? Thats what I'd like to know. Or is this a new version of Cypig 2.0 with a gun built into him? I think so)

Blacksmith Pig (A blacksmith, which is a pig, which creates swords for himself to fight off intruders. Or to just get rid of some birds for some lunch, eggs and something unrelated with ham)

Gun Creator Pig (The creators ran out of names already. Gun Creator Pig creates as much guns as he wants because he is a gun creator. Nothing else to say here)

Karate Pig (This pig knows karate, and can bring you down quickly. Better use a bird with long range. Oh, wait. He moves quickly)

Boxing Pig (A pig that knows how to box. A problem? He runs faster than Karate Pig)


Easy Set

Easy Piggy Village (Introduces Minion Pig, Coporal Pig, and Foreman Pig)

Easy Piggy Warzone (Introduces Rifle Pig, Rifle Coporal Pig, and Rifle Foreman Pig)

Easy Piggy Theater (Introduces Hypnotist Pig and Foreman Coporal Pig)

Easy Endless Zone

Medium Set

Medium Piggy Village (Includes Minion Pig, Coporal Pig, Foreman Pig, and Hypnotist Pig)

Medium Piggy Warzone (Includes the above, Rifle Pig, Rifle Coporal Pig, Rifle Foreman Pig, and Foreman Coporal Pig)

Medium Piggy Theater (Introduces Rifle Foreman Coporal Pig and Karate Pig)

Medium Endless Zone

Hard Set 

To unlock, you must complete all the levels above except the Endless Zones, as they are endless.

Hard Piggy Village (Includes Minion Pig, Coporal Pig, Foreman Pig, Hypnotist Pig, Karate Pig, and Rifle Pig)

Hard Piggy Warzone (Includes the above, Rifle Coporal Pig, Rifle Foreman Pig, and Rifle Foreman Coporal Pig)

Hard Piggy Theater (Introduces Cypig 2.0, Blacksmith Pig, and Boxing Pig)

Extreme Set

To unlock, you must complete all the levels above except the Endless Zones, as they are endless.

levels to be added

Endless Set

to be added

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