Angry Birds Retribution is a new game that will be opening in February 2013. It is the sequel to the 2012 game Angry Birds Dimensions and also features The Altered Flock. It is revealed that it will have all-new episodes and that the 2012 game mentioned earlier will not be cancelled and will be kept updated.Remember,the birds are altered so remember this.


Continuing from the last moment of Angry Birds Dimensions, The Altered Flock were outnumbered while the pigs were attacking them. All of the birds' eggs were in the pigs' clutches. And just when all hope had seemed lost...

The Resistance had risen against the pigs, along with The Altered Flock. The two flocks have united. And then its a long furious fight against pigs everywhere. Their objective is retrieve the eggs and eliminate every pig they see, altered or not.


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