This game is the sequel to Angry Birds Redbird07.


When Terence's long lost friend, Orange, returns from nowhere, the pigs go to more trouble, releasing Handsome Rogue's best invention yet, Monster Pig. But after ordered by King Pig to get the monster back, the pig get Handsome Rogue in. Terence is the first to realise things, but Orange agrees to help the birds capture Monster Pig.

Meanwhile, Teal hatches in Episode 2's beggining cutscene, but he's hidden. If you are quick enough, you could spot him before the new comic-type pictures appear!

More soon.


  • Noise - Leader of the flock, he can scream really loud. Not as loud as his father, of cource!
  • Blue Ones - Split, Splitter and Splitty are not only good brothers, but good friends! They love to split into 3.
  • Speeder - Not the fastest, but still great.
  • Bomb - What do you think he does?
  • Egg - Drops a fake egg...though he once had a real egg.
  • Boomerang - You get confused when he turns.
  • Terence - The 3rd oldest of the flock. He can destroy lots.
  • Balloon - What do you think? He inflates, like a balloon.
  • Matrix - 2nd leader. He makes pigs shoot themselves, by hypnotizing them.
  • Angel - Not so powerful, but still good with making pigs join us.
  • Cubeon - Pigs are getting cube-shaped.
  • Firespark - The reason you can't be near fireworks.
  • Corney - Pieces of corn CAN break things.
  • Crazy - He can go crazy and explode now.
  • Zoom - Fastest ever.
  • Noise Jr. - The younger version of Noise.
  • Soundwave - Louder than Noise.
  • Orange - Throws headphone boomerang.


  • Baby Pigs - Some of the baby pigs. Weakest pigs.
  • Small Pigs - A little stronger than babies.
  • Medium Pigs - He's even stronger.
  • Large Pigs - The oldest an original pig can get...almost.
  • Biggest Pigs - Almost as big as the king.
  • Helmet Pigs - 2 medium pigs are chosen to earn helmets.
  • Mustache Pigs - The large pigs that grow mustaches get stronger.
  • King Pig - The boss of all pigs.
  • Little Fat Pig - Fat Pig's son.
  • Fat Pig - The fattest pig; and biggest.

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